This saddens me. Yes, Joe Manchin is a singular being. If you didn’t know he had a D behind his name, you certainly wouldn’t guess it just by listening to him. But even for Manchin, it’s a bridge too far to jump onto a ludicrous conspiracy theory, talking point issue.

Nevertheless, Manchin is now compatriots with the likes of Ted Cruz and James Lankford (we’ll leave Ronny Jackson out of it for the moment) and others who proselytize the fear that the federal government will come in and rip out your gas stove at just any time.

Will they leave the fireplaces? Anybody? I’m very fond of my gas fireplace.

I am all for bi-partisan efforts, but Manchin backing Cruz’ play on gas stoves? What’s next? Manchin backing Cruz on Newsmax? Or going with him to the border for a photo op? Aye aye aye aye aye.

Must be great to make a six figure income chit chatting about culture war issues that have no basis in reality. I expect no less from the Republicans. I’m very disappointed in Manchin for going this direction.



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  1. WV will be rid of this idiot soon. Unfortunately there are many to replace him that are as bad or worse. Well, it is WV after all-they think musketry is modern weaponry F.F.S.

  2. Manchin would prefer a coal-powered stove. Fossils love fossil fuels.
    I replaced my gas stove with an electric years ago.
    It’s time that we move beyond cooking over an open flame like cave-dwellers.


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