What’s that distant rumbling you hear? The sound of GOPers pushing their chairs back from their desks and cursing under their breath. What you are about to see is something you have never seen before in your life, nor are you likely to see it again. You recall yesterday when we called your attention to¬†a catch that the Lincoln Project made, of Marge Greene obliviously praising Joe Biden?

Well, none other than our wonderful president himself saw the same thing and here’s what he did with it. I’m telling you, bookmark this. This is one of a kind. But then again, so is Marge.

This is incredible. Again, if a scriptwriter did this, you’d say “Nah,” and you’d turn the movie off. Nobody would believe this. But the Big Screenwriter In The Sky is cranking out copy like this every day.

Dark Brandon, indeed.

Oh, and Marge, there’s an old expression: He who laughs last, laughs best. Joe is slapping his thighs, with tears streaming down his face — at your expense. You really are that stupid.


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  1. ROTFL!!! I have never seen a Republican, and a far-right one at that, give such a stunning endorsement of a Democratic president. Well done, Marge! I knew you would see the light,

  2. This reminds me of an old Doonsburry cartoon, where the (conservative) friend in the group of college buddies gets ticked off over them making fun of Reagan (mostly a B movie guy) for being an actor. BD says so what, now he’s every bit as good a politician as he was an actor. One of them turns to the title character and asks if he wants to “do the honors” and the last panel is of him saying “I can’t. It’s too easy a shot.”

    Well, this WAS an easy shot. And I LOVE that Biden decided to take it! This would be the legendary Bill Russell having taken all kinds of sh*t from some high school punk at a basketball camp, some little second string point guard and when the kid tried to drive the basket and shoot over him slapping that ball so hard it flew to the other end of the court!

    I think maybe we’ve got the catalyst for the impending “Fight on the Floor” (of the House) between Bobblehead and MTG – Bobo walks up and say I’M a little b!tich? At least I didn’t set myself up so Biden could make me look like a fool and a traitor to the Party! (Note to self, get online and do some extra weekly grocery shopping – LOTS of popcorn cause I think I’m going to need it when the clips of the brawl start popping up on the news!)

    Want to think about something that would make this even better? This time next year when President Biden is ready to start his speech accepting the nomination for a second term, he should pause and turn his head to the big screen behind him – and nod. And THIS should play on the screen. And he starts his speech with “I’m President Joe Biden and I approved that ad!” GOPer heads all over the country will explode like in that movie Kingsmen.

  3. Margarine De MAGA has just learnt that her version of freedom of speech does come with consequences, stemming from her being stupid. Her stupidity is possibly a good reason to promote the ‘Marge Principle’ as a companion to the ‘Peter Principle’.

  4. Just watch as Margarine Traitor Greene tries to whine, “He took my words out of context. I was attacking him and he dared to think I was praising him. (follow with a Lucy Ricardo cry)!!!!!”

    And the best thing? GOPers and far-right media have spent years (decades, even) taking out of context nearly everything ever said by Democrats and progressives. It’s so delicious when our side can repay the favor. (And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer piece of trailer park trash.)

  5. Let’s hope that this little bi**h gets through to that majority in her district that are suffering from the failure of the GOP to help resolve certain of these issues, their purported representative so snidely dismisses as unimportant. If Jack Smith doesn’t indict her for J6, maybe the voters will now listen up. But no promises.


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