It’s set in stone now, and Traitor Tot knows it. He treated Judge Juan Merchan just like his other two judges, Judge Kaplan and Judge Engeron in his two civil cases. But just like everything else in his sad, misbegotten, pampered life, El Pendejo Presidente miscalculated.

In the E Jean Carroll federal case, as well as the NY state civil fraud case, Trump had the edge, and he knew it. Both of those were civil cases, and it’s almost unheard of for a civil defendant to get a criminal contempt of court ruling for incarceration in a civil case.

But Trump is in uncharted waters now, on two counts. First, this is a criminal case, with the possibility of criminal contempt leading to incarceration. Second, both of the previous cases were civil cases being adjudicated in a bench trial. There was no jury, he only had to avoid pissing off the judge too much. This is a jury trial, and Judge Merchan has to be able to maintain his own dignity and authority in front of the jury.

Normally in court, when a judge wants to dress sown an unruly defendant, he does so speaking through the defense lawyer. Judges seldom directly address defendants in court, preferring to dress down the attorneys with threats and recrimination, and let the defense lawyers handle the Come-to Jesus moment with their client.

But Judge Merchan has directly chastised Trump three times now. The first was when Trump went to storm out of court at adjournment, before the judge had left the bench. Judge Merchan briskly banged his gavel and pronounced Will Defendant Trump please resume his seat?, at which time his lawyer schooled him up on courtroom protocol.

The second time was last week, when Trump, publicly bitched that he couldn’t even take the stand to defend himself due to the gag order. Looking at Trump like a wayward child, Merchan patiently lectured His Lowness on his absolute right to testify at trial, as well as his absolute right to decline to testify without it being held against him, and pleasantly asked Trump if he understood.

The third time was today. In open court without the jury present, Judge Merchan found Trump guilty once again of criminal contempt of the judge’s gag order. He fined El Pendejo _Presidente another grand, and then he laid down the law.

Clearly Mr. Trump, the $1000 sanctions are not having the desired deterrent effect. And believe me, the last thing I want to do is to sentence you to jail. You’re the former President of the United States, and you may become President again. Sentencing you to incarceration would cause a disruption to this trial, and I’m sure you’d like it over with as quickly as possible. But the law is clear. And if you continue to resist the gag order, I will have no choice but to incarcerate you, the integrity of the rule of law must be maintained.

Trump is now officially on notice. Playtime is over. F*ck with me again Sonny, and I’ll turn your life upside down. Traitor Tot actually got lucky with Judge Merchan. Merchan is almost painfully aware of all of the complications of this case, and has gone out of his way to be deferential and accommodating to Trump, without giving up his authority to control the court and the proceedings. But Merchan has clearly reached the boiling point with Trump.

Of course the first thing that all of the nattering nabobs and talking heads look for fainting couches is over the logistics of jailing a former US President. Under New York law, a criminal defendant can receive up to 30 days incarceration for each criminal contempt charge. For Trump that would mean 300 days. No way Merchan is going to hit Trump with 300 days, at least not until the trial is over.

Fortunately Merchan has another card up his sleeve, and I love it, and if Traitor Tot’s lawyers have advised him of this option, he had better be terrified. And this option is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard of since the Jonathan Alter alternative I wrote about yesterday.

It’s called trial date detention. Here’s what it means. If Trump f*cks up again, and the judge drops the hammer, here’s what would happen. There are an estimated three weeks left in the trial. The judge could order Trump to be present in court at 8am every court day and present himself to the bailiff. The bailiff will take him back to the lock up cell off the courtroom where he will sit and wait for the court to start for the day. When the court goes on break, Trump goes back to his holding cell. The same thing for lunch. Trump can leave when court is over for the day, but has to be back at 8am the next morning to repeat the process all over again. Launder. Rinse. Repeat.

This is freaking perfect! Not only does the judge reestablish his control of his courtroom, and seriously sanction Trump, and not only does His Lowness get a taste of what life in a cage feels like, but he does it all during court hours, depriving Trump of being able to play the martyr card to his base.

Trump is so far in over his head he can’t even see the surface of the pond. The arrogant sh*t failed to realize that the judiciary system has seen the likes of him over and over again, and have put systems in place to deal with him effectively. Judge Merchan should have a banner hanging from his bench reading Here there be tigers, and Trump would be wise to pay heed. He’s sh*t outta runway.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.


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