It was just two weeks ago that Jimmy Carter announced that he was ceasing all medical care and phasing into hospice care, lots of pain medicine, lots of water, and whatever he can eat, maybe some help with sleep. Surrounded by family and with the right hospice staff, it is a beautiful way to die. (But please stay as long as you’d like President Carter!)

Some people go very quickly after pulling all the meds that had kept them alive. Others? Well, they’re tougher, for all we know, Carter could live another six months. But he is preparing now and he asked President Biden, two of the finest men to ever live, to give his eulogy. To be a little selfish, I had hoped that he would ask Fmr. President Obama. As the current president, Biden would speak anyway, but Obama’s speeches are simply stunning and… it doesn’t matter. Biden’s will be stunning, too. These two go back a long time:

I cannot verify if Biden was the first Senator to endorse Carter. I do know that David Rocke­feller literally inserted Carter in the White House. An interesting anecdote: Rockefeller put a young southern governor on the Trilateral Commission in 1973, and when Carter was polling at about 3% in Iowa, Rockefeller arranged for a long, glowing title story on Carter to run in Time magazine (Those were the days, huh?), it lifted Carter to the top, and with the country wanting a good man who could be trusted, Carter beat Gerald Ford.

But a young Joe Biden was certainly around:

Here is an interesting connection. Two of the four American presidents to win the Nobel Peace prize, the other being Democrat Woodrow Wilson and Republican conservationist and union man, trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt.

Biden and Carter remain friends to this day:

Now the question that all of us want to know. Will Trump show up? When a president dies, it is inexcusable for another president not to attend the funeral. Of course, the same can be said of the inauguration. Trump – as president, was actively pushed out of John McCain’s funeral, one that had the feel of a presidential funeral, and he was not invited to Barbara Bush’s funeral. As sitting president, he did have to attend George H.W. Bush’s funeral, which surely made Trump uncomfortable because the old gentleman, H.W. Bush, the war hero, made no secret of the fact that he voted for Hillary Clinton. The first time he’d ever voted for a Democrat for president.

I hope not. Trump always tries to do something to bring attention to himself, and it would be humiliating. It will, however, give Joe Biden a chance to teach a civics lesson about public service, integrity, and the importance of being earnest and honest, implicitly shaming Trump. It will be interesting to see who Trump picks (if he has a chance to pick) to eulogize him. Trump seems like he’ll be the type that neither God nor Satan wants and will live long enough that President Malia Obama will be forced to… pick someone to eulogize Trump. Maybe Ted Cruz deserves the punishment.

Regardless, I hope we’re months away from having to worry about it. Maybe Trump will have a court date.

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    • I immediately thought the same thing! It would be an awful thing to behold, full of bullshit boasts of shit that he never actually accomplished, how no one was ever as great as he was and such, yet it also would be jam packed with grievance. A true shit-show. The thing is, Trump is the kind of asshole who in substantial part doesn’t think he’ll actually die! He’s one of those who believes he’ll somehow keep cheating death. Or hoping he does. Or both. In many respects he’s like my piece of shit grandfather who was the most evil, despicable person it’s ever been my misfortune to personally know. Terrified of dying, yet hopeful that somehow he’ll manage to survive the next brush with death (and my grandfather had his share before he finally lost out, dying a horrible & painful death that was still better than what he deserved) so in that sense it’s hard to imagine Trump actually recording something.

    • If the shit gibbon is in prison, there will be no eulogy that the public will hear or know about. I hope his shitty carcass is put into a hefty bag and left for the trash to remove: it is all he deserves.

    • I agree, I’m thinking he won’t attend because he can’t make it about himself. He’s not obligated, since he no longer occupies the White House.

        • Don’t underestimate Rosalynn Carter. She is powerhouse. She is quite capable of telling Trump to stay away.
          It would be hilarious if Carter is buried on private property. and Fat Boy tries to.muscle his way in, because she is quite capable of calling the police and having him arrested for trespassing. Under that soft Southern Lady exterior is a will of iron and absolutely no patience with willful.stupidity and meanness.

  1. The criminal Reagan makes a secret deal with the Iranians to KEEP Americans hostage to sink Carter. Funds an illegal operation in Central America killing peasants while getting embroiled in a cocaine/arms deal and also throwing pot smokers in jail. Evil shit. So the American idiots, known as voters, elect a criminal replacing a highly ethical and moral president. Fast forward and the same idiots put a brain dead rich boy criminal into the office over a woman who had tons of experience in government. Then to top it off, hand the house to cult members, conspiracy nuts, and traitors who voted with the insurrectionists. When will WE ever fucking learn? Time is running out on our collective stupid asses. I sometimes think the earth will be glad to be rid of us.

  2. Carter has class so an invitation will be extended to Trump. However, I feel safe in saying we ALL hope Trump finds some reason to not be there when the time comes. If Trump skips Carter’s funeral, he WON’T be missed. I hope that journalists do the right thing and don’t even comment on Trump’s not being there. At least for a day or two after Carter is laid to rest down in Plains.



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