It is always best to remember that Fox News doesn’t work unless they’re scaring the fck out of your crazy uncle on Facebook with the “Make America Great Again” shit plastered all over.

But it is increasingly difficult to scare people because, well, government seems to be working again, and people like that, see 2022. Yes, the border is a mess and always will be until we get an immigration bill that makes sense in this day and age. That’s on Congress.

So, Fox News has to scare white people who are about to become a minority. They have latched on to CRT as the boogeyman that is ruining their kids. Teachers tend to run a bit more liberal than the average person, and so they are the co-conspirators. Listen to Jesse Watters’s attempt to terrify the audience. He gets so lost in buzzwords that he ends up sounding just bizarre:

Transcript from Media Matters:

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): The next thing you know CRT is everywhere. And you have to look out as a parent for code words — if they have a “wellness officer” at the school.

Yes. If they have a wellness officer at school that person is the halfway point between a counselor and the police officer at the school. It means that the school cares about directing the child in the right direction and will probably bring the parents in.

They don’t use things like CRT if they say, “A class is about belonging.” That’s what you got to look out for.

Because that is just so awful. “Belonging.”

And a lot of these teachers, they’re fighting a proxy war against the parents. They’re poisoning the children to get back at the parents. Maybe the teachers have daddy issues. Maybe they’re uncomfortable in their own skin.

But, they hate the country, they hate the patriarchyand so, they’re just trying to destroy these children to make themselves feel better. It’s actually being a bully because they’re going after the kids.

Please to be fcking off now, Jesse.

As a person with two brothers who are teachers and have gone out of their way to spend their own money and have 30-45 minutes after school speaking to kids who are going through difficulties at home, this is so damned offensive that I truly want to beat the sh*t out of him.

And it’s all to do nothing more than upset the audience, and convince them that the teachers – most of whom are working their asses off teaching geometry, English, history, and career prep, are the enemy of their children and are “bullies.”

It is nice to know that Jesse’s mother is a liberal who calls him to say he doesn’t look good or whatever and tells him he’s full of sh*t… of course, her paycheck doesn’t depend on infuriating audiences.

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  1. “As a person with two brothers who are teachers and have gone out of their way to spend their own money and have 30-45 minutes after school speaking to kids who are going through difficulties at home, this is so damned offensive that I truly want to beat the sh*t out of him.”

    Well, I don’t have any brothers who are teachers; I just want the beat the sh*t out of Jesse Watters on general principle. He’s just got that kind of face.

    • LMAOn Joseph, he does, doesn’t he? But yeah, my beloved niece (the daughter I never had) is a teacher who raised 2 boys on her own and she adores her kids. I’ve had occasion to see her around them and she has no ‘daddy issues’ or any of that crap. Of course when it comes to beating the crap outta Jesse Watters and his innumerable ilk, I agree with Joseph – GP is a good enough motive.

  2. I have two sisters who are teachers. They truly care about each and every student’s emotional and educational health. They spend their own money on supplies because we’ve cut so much funding in public schools (to give vouchers to private schools) and they spend countless unpaid hours correcting homework and lesson planning at home.
    The right vilifies medical professionals, education professionals, scientists, the FBI, and any other professional that tells the truth, yet exalt lying criminals like tfg. This is the result of stinting education (and bashing teachers) – we’re left with huge portions of the population who cannot think for themselves.

  3. It’s clear by now that stupid racists want everyone else to be stupid racists. Oh, and major hypocrites! Teachers are the unsung heroes of all of our childhoods. Now that the family unit has become so fragmented by millions of unnecessary incarcerations,(cannabis laws being just one example), poverty, (endorsed and promoted by the guns over people party), unnecessary wars, and the ravages of stupidity,(anti-vaxxers), teachers have been trying to fill the gaps for millions of kids. I wish the teachers drew the salaries those traitors get in congress and we replace the political prisoners, i.e., cannabis users, in jail with these traitors. I know I sound like a starry eyed idealist. You can blame my teachers for demanding I go with facts and to search for truth. The guns over people party in NC call UNC-CH ‘communist’ hill. That’s why one of our most distinguished alums that created the 1619 project is now teaching at Howard instead of UNC. Rich, white men who run the legislature in NC are responsible for that, as the fascist in Florida is driving teachers out of his state daily, threatening them with felonies for teaching the truth about slavery. The law is just a gun against someone’s head if the wrong people get to hold the gun. Right now teachers in this country have guns pointed at them. Add another role to their overwhelming job…soliders for freedom of thought and expression. God bless all the good ones!

  4. I was a teacher, school librarian. I did book talks to K through 9. I am much better educated than the average parent with a double master’s.
    I am a,liberal who ordered books on every PoV as long as those books were fact-based, so no books on Holocaust denial books, no books claiming abortion causes cancer, no books claiming vaccines in general.or specifically measles and Covid causing deaths. Because they are not fact-based. And I would be wearing a,mask while I didn’t order them but still.worked the reference desk because half my fellow staff bought into the conspiracy theories.


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