Don’t look now folks but our long national nightmare is over – because Jesse Watters and his crack team of unlikely scenario weavers over at Faux News have finally deciphered why it is that Rudy G. And Don Jr. have been hyperventilating over Hunter Biden for the past three years.

Biden is FBI. Or CIA. Or something.

No wonder they have been unable to nail him for the slippy slide sex and bribe taking… Hunter has the entire apparatus of the deep-state police force, foreign and domestic, working to exonerate him.

Makes sense.

Check it out:

Me too, Larry, me too.



Jesse by a nose but Tucker still has tonight.





Pure coincidence.



How can people spend two minutes, let alone an hour, watching this garbage?

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  1. Wow. I haven’t eaten cereal in years, and it’s decades since I ate kiddie cereal so I had NO idea some brand still put “secret decoder rings” in there as a prize!

    • You only get one if you swear fealty to the shape shifting lizard people, silly man. That’s when they activate the implant in your brain that you’ve had since birth.:

      • Well, I liked (loved – even got one of the orange bowls with black tiger stripes) Sugar Frosted Flakes, but I don’t recall them ever having prize in the box. Same with my second favorite, Cocoa Crispies – no prize. But like so many boys of my age (I’m a senior citizen now) by the time I was eight or maybe closer to nine I ate my Wheaties like any kid aspiring to be a big league baseball player or other famous athlete! And for a change of pace, Life (loved those “Mikey” commercials) – and those of course didn’t have prizes in the box. So I missed out I guess on that kind of thing. But it seemed stupid then, and still does looking back. I have to admit getting a kick out of that scene at the beginning of Spies Like us when Dan Akroyd tells his asshole (Navy) boss about having cracked an “undecipherable” code that he did so with some (forget the cereal brand) decoder ring!

  2. No, Jesse, Trump was impeached the first time for HIS interfering (aka “attempting bribery”) with Ukrainian officials to get THEM to find some “dirt” and when said officials wouldn’t play ball, Trump threatened to withhold military purchases that Ukraine had made and had already been approved. (The REAL victim here is Hunter Biden, not Donald Trump, you ass-faced gibbon.)

    The SECOND time Trump was impeached was due to his involvement with the January 6 insurrection.

    Of course, you know all of this; you just need to keep spewing these lies to keep the Trump supporters happy.

  3. All conservatives are more than a little stupid but conservative commentators, especially those on faux nuz, have I.Q.’s in the single digits.

    • You think the commentators are stupid? There are millions of people rejecting reality in their desire for that nonsense to be true. If the commentators are stupid, I can’t figure out how the viewers aren’t constantly burning their houses down making toast, trading their houses for beans, are simply just standing in the yard staring at the sun. Fox News has people who lived in Cuba during the height of Castros power BELIEVING Wall Street supporting Biden is a genuine communist. Now THAT is stupid!

  4. Since I’ve NEVER watched faux, I’d not heard of this guy till about a week ago, and now we seem to be hearing about him regularly. Is he vying with Tuck for stupidest mouthpiece on TV? Because he sure seems to spout a lot of absolutely ridiculous BS. I guess that’s what it takes to get on faux. No brain, no morals, no soul, just plenty of BS.

  5. What amazes me is that he could get those words out of his mouth without throwing up. And people are expected to take him seriously🙄🙄

  6. Jesse is very much like a puddle of afterbirth. Kind of disgusting to look at and should be disposed of asap. But in his mind he’s a wannabe. He wants to be the worst, which would make him the best at Faux!


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