Well, this is an interesting change. However I think Trump Toadie Jason Miller is going to be dodging ketchup bottles for a while. What you ask am I talking about? Well, as this article in the Detroit Free Press indicates President Biden is headed to Michigan next week to support striking auto workers. The article includes a tweet from the President saying:

Tuesday, I’ll go to Michigan to join the picket line and stand in solidarity with the men and women of UAW as they fight for a fair share of the value they helped create. It’s time for a win-win agreement that keeps American auto manufacturing thriving with well-paid UAW jobs

The article, as well as one from from Meidastouch.com notes no President has been known to stand on a picket line since 1902! Biden has a long, long history of supporting unions and Trump has been trying to break that bond. Sadly, some union workers buy Trump’s bullshiite. The expanding auto workers strike is something Miller thought would be a great opportunity for Trump – fly to MI next Wed. and pose for a photo or two and deliver typical Trump nothing blather. Poor little Jason however now has his knickers in a twist.  Because as I’ve noted President Biden is going to Michigan on Tuesday AND intends to stand on the picket line with the workers. To show actual, real support. You think union workers everywhere won’t notice?  So, as Meidas notes:

In a post on social media, Miller claimed that the only reason Biden is going is to upstage Trump. Of course, Biden has been known as “Union Joe” for decades while Trump throughout his life has been overtly hostile to unions, but facts never get in the way of Miller’s fake narratives

Miller even put up his own Tweet/X calling Biden’s visit a “cheap photo op as he finds himself between a rock and a political hard place.” He goes on to talk about how if Trump wasn’t scheduled to go to MI on Wednesday the President would be giving Michigan auto workers the “East Palestine treatment.” Seriously Jason? YOUR guy, as the Meidas article notes didn’t exactly distinguish himself when he went to Ohio after that disaster that happened in large measure due to the Trump administrations gutting regulations for railroads but that’s a longer and different conversation. The point is what transpired during Trump’s E. Palestine visit:

After briefly asking the Mayor if there was much crime in the town (as if anybody cared at that time), Trump then told a handful of people to “have a good time, have fun everybody,” in the middle of the greatest ecological disaster in the history of the town, before his SUV drove him to a local McDonalds to buy Big Macs before boarding his private jumbo jet back to his mansion in Palm Beach.

Real man of the people.

So what we have is a not even third-rate advance man who managed to worm himself back on to Team Trump setting up a quick road trip for his boss to “show solidarity” with workers and complain the real problem is the Biden administration’s promoting EVs. It’s not like Trump would be actually engaging with the workers, much less standing on the picket line with them. Oh hell no. Trump will feel soiled just having to be around real union workers! The whole thing was never going to be anything more than a quick in and out (faster than his less than five minutes of sex with Stormy Daniels!) and back to his jet and a flight home.

Now President Biden has gone and ruined it all, by actually planning to stand out there with the picketing workers, to talk with them, to listen to them and since Biden actually cares about people and they innately sense his empathy Trump is going to be a real hollow man in comparison. Hence Miller’s outburst.  His tantrum.  WAAAAAAH! Biden is making Trump look bad!

I don’t know about you, but to both Miller and Trump I say I have zero f**ks to give. And if Miller gets a verbal working over from Trump so be it. I sure as hell won’t lose any sleep over it. I am however enjoying imagining Miller cowering under Trump’s wrath. Miller is a loser and if Trump tosses him aside which might happen who cares?  Not me.

There is however no small amount of hypocrisy in Team Trump accusing someone else of engaging in “grandstanding” photo ops, and claiming on social media:

that the only reason Biden is going is to upstage Trump. Of course, Biden has been known as “Union Joe” for decades while Trump throughout his life has been overtly hostile to unions, but facts never get in the way of Miller’s fake narratives.

At this point I’m wondering if Trump or Miller will come up with some lame excuse for Trump to “reschedule” is visit with striking workers. Stay tuned.

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        • I’ve read comments from “Sugartibbs” before and they ALWAYS come off as either (1) REALLY stream of consciousness writing or (2) AI gibberish put together after running something through 10 or 20 levels of Google Translate.

          However, most of the stuff is usually somewhat entertaining to read–unlike this . . . blather.



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