It is not easy to subpoena an attorney because of the strength of the attorney-client privilege. But as I’ve said many times, the attorney-client privilege doesn’t attach in any matter in which the attorney is helping the client to commit a crime or vice-versa. So when Jack Smith subpoenaed one of Trump’s “real attorneys” instead of Rudy or Jenna – that’s a big deal.

Jack Smith just subpoenaed Evan Corcoran to testify. It means that Smith believes he can prove that Corcoran and Trump committed fraud in moving the boxes due to video surveillance. From ABC News:

Special counsel Jack Smith is pushing to question an attorney for former President Donald Trump about an alleged phone call the two held as investigators were building evidence about Trump’s potential obstruction of the government’s efforts to retrieve classified materials that he had retained after leaving the White House, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

Smith in recent weeks has pressed for a federal judge in Washington, D.C., to pierce attorney-client privilege and force Trump attorney Evan Corcoran to testify, according to those sources, about a June 24, 2022, phone call that investigators believe Corcoran held with Trump.

The only way to “press” a federal judge is to present evidence that the judge can rely upon as proof that – yes – fraud occurred during that call, and it shouldn’t be privileged. The judge can order Corcoran to testify… And Corcoran can appeal FFS, but the appeal could be expedited.

Why do they think the call contained fraud?

The alleged call would have been on the same day that investigators subpoenaed the Trump Organization for surveillance footage from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort as the government grew suspicious that Trump continued to hold onto classified materials even after one of his attorneys asserted in a sworn statement that he had complied with a subpoena requesting any remaining documents in his possession.

Trump called to ask what to do to A) Keep the documents, B) Not get in trouble. Or at least that’s how it appears. We will see… hopefully.
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Trump’s Promises to Immediately Instill Fascism Are Brutally Honest



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  1. I’ve been wondering if Jack Smith might have been investigating Trump’s transgressions from the other side (think Russia) already, when he was requested to come and join in the DOJ work.

  2. Cherl, maybe in the course of his investigations for the ICC he encountered proof that Trump was selling classified documents, but if so, there’s been no suggestion of that so far. However, in order for him to take a sudden leave from his just-begun 4-year contract with ICC, it suggests he is highly motivated over SOMETHING! And he was already up to speed when he started.

  3. Jack…evidently a true believer that NO ONE is above the law! Maybe there’s hope for our country yet! Of course, Merrick still hold the power. Maybe Jack will make it easy to do the right thing.

    • But, as I bring up all the time, does he have enough time to do it? It is closing in on spring and the election next November. Believe it or not, that’s cutting it very close and he still has others subpoaned, and that eats up more time…


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