This has to be a difficult time for Special Counsel Jack Smith. He and his team have spent hours poring over materials that were meticulously compiled so they could conduct proper investigations into former President Donald Trump’s alleged crimes, but thanks to Judge Aileen Cannon, appointed to the bench by Trump, and his sniveling attorneys, who accused him of “extraordinary” misconduct, he was forced to hand over nearly 500 pages, according to court documents.

Smith has always appeared tough as nails to me and I don’t think he’s a man who’ll give up quietly if he feels strongly about something. In a taciturn letter to Cannon, he reports delivering 457 pages of discovery materials, linked to Trump’s accusations that the Justice Department tampered with evidence, according to Raw Story.

“the government’s position [is] that such production exceeds its current discovery obligations,” Smith wrote.

I’m a person who generally never comes close to hating anyone, but Trump and his lawyers are sure making me rethink this. I have tried very hard for the last several years now to not hate Trump but he is surely stretching my limits, let me tell you.

And Smith’s letter is carefully written, unlike the letter from Trump’s lead attorney Todd Blanche, which sounds like it was written by a bratty nine-year-old. But no matter how it’s written it’s what led to Thursday’s massive document drop, according to court records.

Earlier this month, Blanche accused Smith of “extraordinary breach of your constitutional and ethical obligations” referencing the boxes of materials that were seized at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago social club.

“we find your contentions to be self-serving and frivolous given your indefensible handling of the evidence at issue—you cannot seriously contend that your recent spoliation concession is irrelevant to president trump’s pending pretrial motions,” Blanche wrote.

Gawd what a wuss. Jeez.

And of course, he requested back-up from Trump sycophant Cannon, who was more than eager to help, and in a letter dated May 6, Blanche mocked Smith’s “dismissive and condescending tone.”

As tense as this legal battle seems, there is a reason for it, stemming from Smith’s earlier admission that some of the documents were rearranged before being scanned into the Justice Department’s system.

Smith’s team has described the incident as an inconsistency, but Blanche asserts that prosecutors were guilty of a “full-throated but now concededly false assertions of compliance with their discovery obligations.”

I know about legal issues like this as I do about calculus. This means I don’t know anything, but this alleged slight by Smith and his team seems pretty minor, and Blanche is making a whole bunch of something out of nothing.

But Trump is always vituperative and volcanic. So this reminds me of his constant complaining that the Justice Department is conducting a witch hunt to sink his 2024 presidential campaign.

I’m not sure that I find that idea objectionable. Anything to keep this monster out of office before he plunges all of us into hell.

Because if he wins again, that’s where we’re all going. Except for the billionaires. They be fine, standing on our backs and cracking their whips.

So Blanche can whimper all he likes, but he’ll be lucky if Trump pays him after everything is said and done. We all know what he did to Rudy Giuliani, who is supposedly his friend. And as for Cannon, she should have been recused from this case from the beginning. Why she’s even still on this case is beyond me.

But what do I know?

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  1. When will this tw*t be removed from this trial? I’m really shocked at the appellate court in charge of this bimbo: they’re lack of action makes them look like they are of the same legal caliber as cannon-incompetent as hell.

    Most professions, and I always thought the legal profession was one of these, the people in charge of the ones making a mockery of said profession either fire the incompetent practitioners or remove them from the spotlight/away from public view. The 11th is looking not just incompetent but positively moronic. I’d say “what can they be thinking” but I’m afraid that at this point it’s pretty obvious they’re not thinking at all…at least not thinking rationally.

    • it’s also funny how the only judges that seem to be involved in misconduct are the dem ones like Fani and Merchan. Merchan should be removed since he has paid donations to Democrat political groups. a direct conflict of interest


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