My contempt and disgust for Trumpsters (including but not limited to all  Republican stooge politicians, civilian supporters and other co-conspirators (witting or unwitting) has reached such an unhealthy new low that I daily feel an actual physical shock to my nervous system. The fury that I feel at my inability to halt or even affect the devastation to our rights and our ideals makes me realize in palpable ways the kinds of anger that black people and other minorities must have been feeling for centuries.

It is one thing for Trumpsters to gloat and strut at victories that enhance their feelings of vindication and retribution and “payback” directed at their perceived enemies… primarily in the form of their “elite liberal tormentors.”

It is quite another thing to turn a blind eye to the evil “creep” that is overtaking our country’s consciousness. This is some sort of powerful brew that magically allows Trumpsters to convert every dirty, hateful toxic deed of the Agent Orange on High to be perceived by them in a positive light… in a way whose confusion can only be explained in terms of an example of such kind of confusion, as in “Let’s nominate Steven Miller as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year”.

And so, toddlers being ripped from their mother’s arms; confined interminably and fearfully w/o due process, and traumatized and scarred for life…this is OK to protect us from the “invading” strangers.

And military and governmental alliances that for 100 years have safeguarded nothing less than civilization itself from its worst most base instincts…these too are in need of “a shake-up” to protect us from the people of color.

The number of disgraces, betrayals, and erosions to our values and our safeguarding mechanisms, which Trumpism has accomplished in 2 short, dismantling years, is staggering. The work to reverse these harms will be equally hard. But piecemeal squabbles at Donald’s daily atrocities is not the answer. Yes, they must be rebutted. But too much energy plays right into the hands of the Orange Pimple’s masters…feeds the base and distracts from major issues. The entire stain and stench of GOP scum must be scoured, sprayed and evaporated from the premises, replaced by bold, progressive, real reconstruction programs. Forget about Socialism. Warren’s wealth tax plan; Sander’s climate change plan are the multi-trillion dollar programs that can and must be implemented. Saving the planet and providing the other 99% a chance to share in the world’s wealth…and to enjoy the ability to raise their families in dignity are the priorities.

There is more than enough money to finance these programs through the many proposed tax mechanisms and other self-financing savings. Additionally, I would propose that the Justice Department cut some deals with the Mueller money launderers, who they should be investigating …and let them lead to the trillions of offshore goodies gathering dust… which can also be re-purposed to turbocharge the needed changes. Infrastructure replacement; clean energy transformation; environmental protection; healthcare reform; wealth redistribution; 21st-century green initiatives…real change…what novel ideas?!
Just the notion that a Jeff Bezos can pay his fair share of taxes…something a bit more than the big fat zero that he paid on his more than $11 billion annual income is a welcoming notion for teachers who pay significantly more for their equally important work of educating our children. Or even more encouraging is the idea of economic justice for thousands (maybe millions) of nurses and health care workers (mostly African American Women) who toil long hours, tirelessly and exhaustingly, caring for and cleaning up our elderly and sickly for minimum wages. The inequities of these compensation schemes are a national scandal that have been ignored forever.
But very soon wealth begetting wealth, while generations of hardworking Americans are consigned to the cycles of the indignities of poverty level struggles, shall no longer have to be the order of the day. No more “led polluted” drinking water and brain-damaged kids so some jackoff Republicans can get tax breaks to pay for their kid’s orthodontia or to renovate their summer home.
Nothing short of bold, major, systemic changes will be necessary to Un-Bannon the damage done. Joe Biden is ok, but a little too moderate, too out of step…and slow stepping to boot. I liked Jay Inslee, but he never caught fire. The truth is that Elizabeth Warren is the smartest, best prepared… organized and ready to go…and the most capable of delivering the continual kicks to Orange Boy’s fat butt (where his simian brain is really located) which will leave him perpetually perplexed, sweaty and incoherent.
Wake up, folks. Your Republican senators are” fiddling” away while Rome is burning…literally. The Artic has self-ignited…and the Amazon rain forest has been torched by some very misguided “true believers” (“the evil creep”). Greenland is melting, and the GOP remains in group denial. Note to Science Deniers: Hateful and condescending attitudes will no longer cut it…NOT constructive!
Of course, everybody’s help is welcome. But willful ignorance is not. I would like to be all “Cum bah yah”…and generous and forgiving and (understanding?) of GOP attitudes and positions. But unfortunately, there is no longer time to be so forgiving. People either got to get on the bus…or they’re going to miss the bus altogether…and be left floundering on the wrong side of history.

Common sense must be restored. Fiscal common sense as well.

These are dangerous times.

Choose and speak your values loud and clear.

Otherwise, you may have to learn to speak Russian or Chinese.

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