I can’t say as how this is surprising. The surprising part was that the vast majority of Trump-endorsed candidates conceded their elections were lost and went on their merry. That was the surprise.

Kari Lake is too much like Donald Trump to go that direction. She needs to stay in the spotlight and be the MAGA queen — or MAGAGA queen, whatever it is nowadays.

This is a colossal waste of time and money but I guess Lake has plenty to spare of both. She should go have a photo taken of herself with Lindsey Graham and the caption, “Whatever happened to you?” Something took this woman down the rabbit hole and she won’t let up.

Here we go again, Big Lie, Lake style.

Here’s what she put out yesterday.

It makes complete sense. Lake is a television person. Trump is a television person. Trump did something utterly amazing in 2016, he parlayed a television persona into a magic carpet ride into the Oval Office. That feat has been written about and will be written about for decades to come.

Kari Lake sees herself as the female Donald Trump, plain and simple. She wants to make being mouthy and uncouth, and knowing absolutely nothing about the issues of the day, beyond a set of vitriolic talking points, the way things work now. She’s an autocrat. She wants to be a dictator, as does Trump. She wants to look good, sound right, have loads of money and power, and do nothing to benefit the people of Arizona or our way of life.

The tide of public opinion did not go in her favor, but she won’t accept that. So what’s next? Digging herself into a hole, ala Mike Lindell, and squandering a fortune? Probably.

Could it be that Lake still has delusions of a Trump/Lake ticket? Maybe that will happen as well. They can both run on the Big Lie, the stolen election platform.

Make lots of popcorn. Between this and the new gang in the House going after Hunter Biden’s laptop, there will be marvels to behold. Maybe Roger Stone will bite the head off a chicken.


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  1. Reading your short list of possible outcomes, the star we all depend on, will continue to shine even if the Republicans refuse to support our suffering planet, the END result will be a quiet, very large orb with Mars-like conditions floating along merrily as the Sun waits for its own Super-Nova …

    However, we certainly deserve, by now, ANY shows of collapse in the Republican old school GOP … This continued nightmare of chaos in the Republican non-sense based House take-over will be their own undoing … their continued responses to YES/NO questions with little examples of disconnected babul, cannot stand against overwhelming evidence contained in recordings and videos of current technology …

    Trump’s stolon everything is SO over worked and used by several losers of the GOP, the pendulum swings both ways, however, the back-swing can burn a lot of nay-sayers and the more stupid R’s …

  2. These MAGAts (or MAGA GAGAts?) are such perfect examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect! Too stuuuuupid to realize just how stupid that they really are! Hopefully if she can’t completely finance the recount, AZ will say f-off, we will not spend money on your BS!!

  3. It’s not just Trump Fatigue, it’s Whiney Republicans Who Do Nothing Else But Make Up False Things To Whinge About And Never Do Anything For Non-Rich People Fatigue that is affecting more and more people who vote.


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