There’s a message when somebody wears very light blonde hair (what’s left of it) over a heavy tan. In this case, it’s not a tan, it’s a new shade of bronzer, which Tim Miller is calling Burnt Sienna. Who wears Burnt Sienna faux tan and bleached cotton candy floof? Ladies of the evening, in some cultures, and the GOP nominee for president of the United States. Don’t ask me what is up with this new look of Trump’s. He sported it over the weekend when he was in Detroit, allegedly speaking to 8,000 people at a Black church that can’t hold 8,000 people and which was predominantly white.

I don’t think it is Photoshop. Trump was this bronzed up over the weekend in Detroit. I think this may be the new look for the summer and fall. And #DementiaDon has been trending, maybe this is one of the reasons why. Here’s another reason.

You see why the focus is always on Joe Biden purportedly getting lost, because whatever they accuse of is what they are doing themselves. That is straight out of Joseph Goebbels’ Nazi playbook. And so is this. Adolf Hitler used to order the execution of people he didn’t like or who disagreed with him. Trump used to talk about executing people as well.

The fact that this man is even on the GOP ticket again is nothing short of horrifying. We are a sick, divided and distraught culture.

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  1. Is that really trump in the lede photo? Face puffed up, ataxic eyes, he looks like he’s just been stung by a murder hornet.

    • The account that posted the picture belonged to the guy in the picture with Trump. He happily reported that his hero was “on his way to the toilet” but was willing to pause for a photo. So unless he photoshopped his hero, this is on the level. Or, the account and the photo could be a left-wing troll. But I will say, Trump was this dark at the church over the weekend, so maybe this is the new look.

      • Just how much can a picture be doctored? Can a regular picture of him, complete with a jar of bronzer, be doctored to make him look like a hamster with too many peanuts in its cheek pouches? I have never doctored a photo nor photoshopped anything so I’m pretty ignorant about either process (if there is even a difference between the two).

        I guess if he came back with “fake news” and crap like that, I’d think it was a real pic. lol He’s been pretty quiet about this.

  2. What is up with the swollen face? Really bad collagen job? No, seriously, what is he allergic to: bronzer perhaps? If that is a real photo, and who the hell can tell nowadays, he is very, very, ill and needs medical attention. I have allergies to stinging insects (think yellow jackets, etc.) and if I looked in the mirror after getting stung and my face swelled that much I’d have someone drive me to the e.r. immediately. Since we haven’t heard he made a visit to any hospitals/e.r.’s or received medical attention, I’m inclined to think that is a doctored picture of him.

    • He does look like a cabbage patch kid, Hand to God. But the coloring absolutely looks like a photograph of a prostitute I saw in LIFE Magazine back in the day. I have no answers.

  3. The last time I saw a face this swollen, it was a former employer who was undergoing treatment for advanced HIV which eventually killed her. If that is honestly the way his face looked, one can only hope…

    • I know what you’re saying with the advanced HIV. Rock Hudson’s face looked so bizarre in his last few years. I guess we’ll have to see more photos. If he shows up to the debate on the 27th looking like this, I don’t think it would be remiss to ask him what he’s suffering from.



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