The one overriding characteristic which describes MAGA is uninformed. MAGAs seriously do not know how things work. That is Donald Trump’s magic power. He tells them crazy things like he’s having the Chinese write yuge checks to the United States Treasury and he calls that a “tariff.” A tariff is a tax that the consumer pays, not a check request order that Trump gives to foreign governments. But the MAGAs bee-leave him, because he is their Messiah and one must bee-leave. Here is Lara Trump’s latest gaslighting. Her intended audience for this is God only knows. She doesn’t intimidate people who know she’s blowing smoke so I guess she sounds big and tough to those who don’t know.

I guess when Lara says “we” she means the imperial we, as in Mad King Donald. And of course the comedy here is that the only people currently under indictment for election interference are her father-in-law and his cronies and sycophants.

And here’s the head of the Trump Election Integrity unit, or whatever they’re calling it, herself. What a howler. Irony is dead. The Trumps killed it, over and over again.

We’re glad to hear you’re so committed to election integrity and prosecution of those who openly seek to corrupt our elections. Remember, these tapes last forever. There’s a tape and a tweet for everything. I don’t think this one is going to age well.

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  1. trump got mostly a free ride in the MSM on his lie that China would pay for the tariffs. Consumers pay for tariffs and it drives up inflation. Joe Biden needs to explain this in the debates.

    On crime families, check out the Colombo family. They reportedly have been trump’s pipeline for laundered money, and when the Russian mob came to America they taught them everything they needed to know about doing business in the country. Bill Browder has a clear picture of how the pieces fit together, and so does Lev Parnas.

  2. Someone needs to clue mrs. qusay (or is it uday??? never can tell the two apart) in to this little factoid-her daddy in law would actually need to win for her to run doj or for her to have even the tiniest bit of input on how it is run. See, you don’t get to tell the country how other “criminals” will be handled when you are a no-nothing nobody with less sense than your average paramecium.

  3. Hey you entitled bitch…go take a flying phuck at a rolling doughnut! Ohhh…I’m so terrified…what? you’re going to skip your botox appointment to kick some liberal ass? LOLOL. I would say grow up but it’s too late for that.


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