Evidently Rudolph Giuliani’s bankruptcy proceedings this morning were more evocative of a cartoon than of a legal proceeding and that’s perfectly wihin character. The lawyer for the two election workers Giuliani defamed, Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman, was there and he said:  “Unless your honor wants to entertain putting America’s mayor in prison… I suggest you throw the case out, your honor.” In response, Giuliani called the attorney’s remarks “defamatory.” Now you see that that lawyer wants the bankruptcy dismissed. Ironically, so does Rudy. Isn’t that interesting? The Hill:

“I’m leaning toward dismissal, frankly, because I am concerned that the past is prologue,” Lane said.

Though Giuliani in a sudden shift consented to dismissing his bankruptcy mere minutes before the hearing began, he jumped in during the proceeding to push back against his creditors’ accusations he committed bankruptcy crimes.

After several garbled interjections, Lane paused arguments to address the “same cellphone” repeatedly butting in during arguments by a lawyer for Georgia election workers Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman. Giuliani’s bankruptcy was precipitated by a jury’s $148 million verdict against him after he baselessly accused the women of 2020 election fraud.

“Let me ask in court if we can make sure to have that muted, please,” Lane said.

“Your honor, this is Rudolph Giuliani,” the ex-mayor explained.

Speaking over each other, Lane sought to pull Giuliani into line. But Giuliani insisted he should be allowed to push back against the election workers’ lawyer, who had just warned that the ex-mayor’s conduct throughout the bankruptcy could force the judge to “entertain putting America’s mayor in prison.”

“Highly defamatory, your honor!” Giuliani exclaimed.

“So I’m going to ask you to listen to me, and if you don’t, I’m going to have to cut you off,” the judge replied, after which Giuliani remained silent.

Giuliani’s bankruptcy has reached a crossroads after six months of increasing pressure from his creditors, who all accuse the former federal prosecutor of using bankruptcy as a delay tactic while he hides assets and spends egregiously.

That gives you the flavor of it. We can only speculate what will happen but here’s what we know:

  1. Rudy goes back to court Friday;
  2. The judge is leaning towards dismissing the bankruptcy;
  3. Moss and Freeman want the bankruptcy dismissed, too, so that they can start going after his assets to satisfy their substantial judgment;
  4. if the bankruptcy continues, many of Giuliani’s assets would ultimately go to administrative expenses, not the creditors.

Probably the judge will dismiss the bankruptcy. But in all events, it looks like Rudy is done running.

We’re going to find out. Look for it to be cartoonish, in keeping with all that has happened before. As the judge opined, “past is prologue.” He’s right. And remember EU ambassador Gordon Sundland’s famous comment, “Every time Rudy gets involved he goes and fucks everything up.” Truer words were never spoken.

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  1. These are strange times when truth, facts, consequences for actions, are called “defamatory”. Funny how rudy didn’t have that outlook when he was jailing p.o.c. for minor infractions.


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