The spin on last year’s insurrection is wild, as expected. The MAGAs can’t admit the truth of what happened last year, so they’re coming up with anything that they can to whitewash and deflect from the reality of what took place.

That said, Ric Grenell has a take on this that even the most cynical, not to mention imaginative among us, would not have come up with.

Listen and wonder if you can believe your ears.

Grenell is hoping that you don’t remember this, and other things like it.

Hawley’s famous fist bumping gesture to rallygoers outside the Capitol happened two days later, before they turned from rallygoers into rioters and attacked the Capitol, after Trump egged them on in a speech that used the word “fight” over twenty times.

Then Senator Hawley and 146 of his Republican buds in the House and Senate voted against certification. Hawley had already been on television the day before saying that his goal was to deny Joe Biden the presidency and retain Trump, even though Trump lost. Why Hawley isn’t undergoing censure or removal from the Senate is because there are so many of him. The entire Republican party, with the exception of a few outliers, is totally corrupt.

But as passionate as Hawley was in January, by February the tune had totally changed. Then he was saying that his goal was only to “have a debate about election integrity.” Righto. Aaron Rupar points out in his newsletter today that debate doesn’t usually begin with refusing to certify the results of a presidential election. Hawley’s level of corruption and that of his cohorts in Congress is simply stunning.

That is a brief snapshot of what was happening in this country a year ago today, but Ric Grenell would have you believe that the true tragedy lay in the fact that Trump lost his Twitter account. The vindictiveness of Big Tech and Jack Dorsey personally was the takeaway from January 6, but somehow you and I missed it. Un-bee-leave-able. But this is who Trump had advising him when he was in office and this is who is in office these days with an “R” behind their names. These are Trump’s “best people.”

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  1. Someday we’re going to find out that OAN, Newsmax and FOX are all Russian assets designed to destroy America. I’m convinced Trump is one, too.

    • You make a good point, the trashy Republican mess we now see, has the makings of a huge net of, “Go for it”, support … it would need a LOT of money to exist, along with big promises of fame and cash for the right results …

      The really Old GOP, has no existence these days, big money has always been a problem … However, the money train these days comes from Putin and others internationally, plus the biggest local units of control like the Koch Brothers, who already own much of our government and the Republicans as well, have decided our path forward … Joni Ernst in Iowa, way back when first running as a Senator, repeated word-for-word the Koch Brothers edicts, to cancel all regulatory units of our Government …

      That, being said, also shows how Putin’s millions, being laundered by Trump and others, with plenty of pocket cash attached, has been covered up by the highest ranking Republicans and their supporting units like Phaux News …

  2. Unless ALL the participants are put away our nation is screwed. This includes not only howley but also the members of congress who also voted to overturn the free and fair election. EVERY DAMNED ONE OF THEM.

    Unfortunately, the possibility of this happening is comparable to Haley’s Comet hitting earth this week.


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