I don’t know where they found this character. He’s a combination of Joe Arpaio, the controversial MAGA sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona and Porky Pig. He’s got Arpaio’s hat and general vibe (Arpaio used to do racial profiling and other insidious things when he was “enforcing” the law) and Porky’s hesitance. He doesn’t stutter per se, like Porky, but he sounds like Porky getting ready to stutter. Only seeing is believing.

I love the hubris here, that the guy has the authority to apologize on behalf of all Hispanics. The first thing I did was get on the phone to a couple of Hispanics, “Does this MAGA dude have your permission to apologize for Justice Merchan?” What I got back was, and I quote, “FUCK NO!!” And, “Who does this asshole think he is? He doesn’t speak for me!” And that was just a few calls.

But you get the gist of it, that Trump has to find people who are willing to say that an entire class of people are completely wrong, or that one man in an entire class is wrong, because he, Trump, is so perfect. Yes, Justice Merchan was not worshipful to Trump and in MAGA world, that is a cardinal sin. And no, I have no idea who might have paid this man or how much. I refer you to Eric and Lara, that’s their department. Here’s another scenario you do not see every day.

Great. Trump’s got 91 indictments, they’ve got 140, we’re getting up there in the stratosphere or maybe it should be called the “indictosphere.” These are numbers you do not see every day with average people and you certainly do not see them when you’re discussing people running for our nation’s highest office and the people they choose to surround themselves with, as credible figures.

This Bronx rally may have been relatively short and not exactly jam-packed, but it was plenty strange in its own way, as you well see.

What’s that you say? Why did the Secret Service allow criminal types like these up on stage with the presumptive nominee? Um…birds of a feather?

Well, yes, there is that. I do recall that defendants out on bail are not supposed to be consorting with the criminal element, but once again, Trump does it and his deviancy normalizes conduct which would get anybody else a revoked bail bond and a trip to the slammer.

Here’s yet another great moment from this evening.

Yet we are told that this man is leading our competent incumbent. This is starting to get old. Nine years of this is quite enough. Yet, I don’t have much doubt that when Trump bombs again in the fall that he’ll claim that yet another election was stolen and start grifting for 2028. I honestly think that this sick marriage that the GOP entered into will only end when death them does part.

And death is where this is going. Trump will die a mortal death as do we all. But the GOP is also dying, from self-inflicted wounds. The Republicans have nothing and no one to blame but themselves.

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  1. Any time we see/hear a p.o.c., etc. do this sort of thing, the first thing that goes through my mind is “I wonder how much they paid him to do this”? I’m not saying p.o.c. can’t be magats-insanity comes in black/brown/white…too, it’s just they surely have eyes to see, ears to hear, and often go through a lot of bigoted and racist bullsh*t throughout their lives so it would surprise me if being a magat was an honest choice rather than a paid for choice.

    I am always cognizant of the fact that there are whores in every profession, every gender, etc.

  2. Granted I might not be fully recovered from a recent mishap but watching mister speaks for all Hispanics I didn’t see tears streaming down his cheeks as he apologized. But you can bet when Trump recounts this moment down the road the guy will have made a puddle of tears on the ground.

  3. We all need to be prepared for the entire GOP to claim rigged election if Biden wins. They’re already saying they will. We also need to be prepared for them claiming Dems assassinated him if orange slime face dies. This is what that monster (and all his sycophants that he has dirt on) has done to our country and I’m having a hard time seeing our way back to honesty and civility.

    • In case you’ve forgotten, Trump was telling his followers to prepare to march on Washington in January of 2017 if he didn’t win because that would prove the election was rigged. He was doing this even before the first batch of mail-in ballots were sent out to voters (I believe it was as early as July of 2016).
      And, of course, he was repeating the same “warning” in 2020. In APRIL of 2020–that the only way he could possibly lose was if the election was rigged for Biden.
      The only thing that’s shocked me about Trump’s behavior since 2015 was the fact that he didn’t squeal that he didn’t outright win the Iowa caucuses because the caucuses were “rigged.” (Further shock ensued whenever he would lose other primary and caucus races without that familiar Trump whine about the contests being rigged.)


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