If anyone has learned anything within the MAGA, “America First” movement, you want to be as “WASPish” as you can accomplish. Even Catholics like myself, a Jesuit liberal Catholic, would have a tough time. And so here comes “Meatball Ron” as some have called him, surely mocking his Italian heritage which is somewhat unbelievable.

Now, Ron – even though he hasn’t even announced a run – is losing in the polls to Trump, who has already been pounding on DeSantis, even going so far as calling DeSantis “Tiny-D,” though Trump’s favorite is “Ron DeSanctus,” perhaps trying to get some alliteration with anus or something shortened from DeSantimonious.

But Trump isn’t the only one playing games with DeSantis’s name. Apparently, Ron realizes that DeSantis sounds a little too ethnic, maybe a little too Latin, and that means almost “Hispanic,” which isn’t acceptable. So, Ron Da’ Santis has changed the pronunciation of his name. Even though the original video started on Truth Social, we’re not taking you there. You can hear him through Ron Filipkowski, who has known DeSantis for a decade.

So, his last name is now Santis, or at least that’s how it sounds to me, which is the point. He is doing all he can to make the last name go from “DahSantis” – which brings in that problematic Latin shit and is now Rohndee Santis, or at least that’s my interpretation.

Is his new version any better? Well, HE must think so because I still pronounce my name as I did at age 7. (“Miciak” is Polish and pronounced Mishyak). You decide. I look forward to the comments.

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  1. My surname is Burkett and I’ve lived my entire 67 years listening to people’s mispronounce it. It seems natural to me that the first syllable should be stressed (as it is with any other Burkett I’ve met), but everybody else looks at it and puts the stress on the last syllable. It’s enough to drive one nuts, which probably wouldn’t be a very long trip.

    DeSantis is Italian in origin, and most definitely you would NOT hear the De pronounced Dee in Italy.

    • It’s the doube t at the end that’s doing it. A final double letter
      often – not always, but often – suggest an emphasized syllable. No, I’m not suggesting you change the spelling. That way lies madness. My maiden name was long – 13 letters – phonetic, but longm and constantly butchered. When married a Dixon I though I had escaped. But no. People want to spell it “Dickson.” Once I said, “Dixon with an X” and got Dickxson.” I don’t know why people do that, but I am here to tell you they do.

  2. To paraphrase: “A piece of shit by any other name pronunciation would stink as badly”

    Seriously though, ever since this turd became someone in the news I’ve always heard his name pronounced DEESantis. Even by journalists. Perhaps there’s a mashup of Ronnie and journalists pronouncing it DUHSantis? No matter. I believe those who’ve suggested he’s the 2024 version of former WI Gov. Scott Walker, someone who will flame out early and end up in political oblivion are correct.

  3. I think Santis sounds Hispanic, so why would he think that’s ‘better’ than Italian – either one to those of the waspy mode would still be ‘suspect’ ! He looks like he is a person of Sicilian descent to me so that’s something he can’t change anyway ! Could be a total angel, but who you look like, & what we perceive that to mean, is the first thing we use as a judgment until we know you as a human – that’s how it works.


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