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Q: What was Joe Biden’s main campaign slogan in 2020?

A: Democracy is on the ballot!

And it worked like a charm. Trump and the GOP kept gifting Biden and the Democrats with example after example of autocratic and anti democratic behavior. Just about every demographic showed up in record numbers, including the new force in electoral politics, the 18-24 demographic, and Biden was in. And Trump and the GOP claimed the election was stolen, and tried to overthrow the government.

The stupid sh*ts. Rather that tossing Trump onto an ice flow and pushing him into the Bering straits, they kept licking his feet. SCOTUS jumped on the bandwagon by overturning a half a century of basic reproductive rights, GOP legislatures got into a Death Race 2000 to make the most restrictive abortion rights laws, and tried to fix losing by trying to make casting a vote almost as difficult as getting into Mensa. And took another spanking in the midterms.

Right now we’re about 8 months from the start of the primaries, and 18 months from election day. And in just the last 48 hours alone, the GOP has given the Democrats a gilt edged, 100% pure platinum winner campaign slogan for 2024;

Democracy is on the ballot!

Here’s a quick recap of exactly what I’m talking about. In the last 48 hours;

  • Trump basically made a passionate call to Defund the Police! by having the GOP led House shut off funding for the DOJ and the FBI
  • House Judicial committee chair Jim Jordan doubled down by sending former Manhattan DA assistant Marc Pomerantz a subpoena to testify at his inquisition into Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Trump, a clear violation of states rights
  • The Idaho Governor signed a law making it a felony for anyone to assist a minor in obtaining an abortion without parental approval, Even if the assistance consists of funding or transporting the minor across state lines to obtain the abortion
  • The day after the special election for a seat on the Wisconsin state Supreme Court, the super majority Wisconsin Senate announced plans to impeach the liberal victor before she even takes her oath of office! You tell me how it’s legal or constitutional to boot somebody from an office they don’t even hold yet
  • As we speak the Tennessee House is expelling three Democrats for Bringing disrepute on the House. Their crimes? Waving signs and chanting from the well in support of a gallery full of school students protesting school violence. Personally, I think that wearing a red dress and hooker heels to collect their NRA blood money is more disreputable, but that’s just me

And that’s just in the last 48 hours. In 2020, and again in 2022 when they got serious about democracy, Biden did a masterful job of not just skewering Traitor Tot, but held the entire GOP liable with him. He even created a tag line, they became The MAGA Republicans!

And Biden and the Democrats need to do it again right now. Because with the single exception of screaming to defund the FBI and DOJ, none of this has anything to do with Trump. FrankenTrump created these idiot minions, but he long ago lost any control over them. You now have a thousand bastard Freddie Krueger’s running around the countryside, terrorizing the populace.

When they show you who they are, believe them. And right now not just Trump, but the entire national GOP, as well as the GOP controlled state legislators are showing the world exactly what they are. A bunch of arrogant, bullying autocratic thugs who will do whatever it takes to retain power, no matter what the people who elected them just told them in the last election.

The sooner Biden and the Democrats start hammering this, the better. As Trump proved in 2020 with The Big Lie, the secret to branding is to start early, and hammer it mercilessly until it becomes actual truth. The difference is Trump was peddling a lie, and the Democrars are simply pointing out the truth.

And Biden and the Democrats have two built in advantages. The Bully Pulpit and the fact that Biden is running unopposed. Which he is, having Williamson and Kennedy on a primary ballot is like two French Poodles chasing a monster truck down the street. Biden can start spicing standard stump and accomplishment speeches with these revelations whenever he wants.

And the beauty is that anybody can do it. A Democratic incumbent who doesn’t even have an opponent can get in on the fun. Whenever they give a speech or hold a town hall, start pointing out these atrocities and label them to The MAGA GOP. Done correctly, any opponent becomes a MAGA extremist until they prove otherwise. And the only way to do that is to denounce what the rest of the GOP is preaching and supporting.

Properly exploited, The Wisconsin Supreme Court and The Tennessee Three can be almost as familiar in politics as Remember Pearl Harbor! by the time election day gets here. As the Wisconsin Supreme Court election showed, abortion is going to be a white-hot issue in 2024. And as Tennessee is proving right now, guns are going to be just as hot. But whatever other issues bubble to the surface, without democracy, none of the rest of it matters. And the GOP knows that, and they’re moving to do to democracy what they did to our voting rights and abortion rights. Time to pay the piper.

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  1. I read a story yesterday about a female member of the North Carolina House switching her party affiliation from Democrat to GOP *CLAIMING* that she was being “harassed” by people for not “toeing the Party line,” essentially implying that the GOP was more “open and welcoming.” Quite rightly, her constituents are demanding she resign (she was elected from one of the more liberal areas of the state–the Charlotte area as I recall) but I have to wonder if she’s actually bothered reading ANY stories about just how “open-minded” her new party really is. She was described as being a pro-choice advocate and a relatively reliable LGBTQ+ ally but, again, has she paid ANY attention to what the members of her “new” party have been doing with regard to those issues at the very least? Or how her “new” party deals with members who DON’T “toe the line?” Maybe she should speak with Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger about how the GOP deals with members who don’t “toe the line.” (I imagine she’ll face GOP primary opposition–as typically happens to new “converts”–if she dares, even once, to vote her conscience when it goes against the Party’s desires.)

    • Sounds like a “sleeper” to me Joseph…The GOP is trying to pull this shit now, put a secret GOP candidate in the Democratic primaries, and tryint to see if they can’t win and give the GOP the seat either way…What was it, the last cycle when some GOP scumbag changed his name to match the retiring Democratic members name???

      • Robert Kennedy, Jr. will be one in the next presidential election. He may not be a sleeper, but he will be a fly in the ointment.

    • When I heard this story my first thought was how much did they pay her to come over to the dark side? Anyone who changes party mid-stream should be required to stand for an immediate election as it’s a betrayal of the voters. If her voters had wanted a repug, they would have voted for one in the first place.

  2. This is a great tactic IF the Democrats use it. That’s a big IF. They seem to wait until it’s too late to start talking up the issues. They need to get on this ASAP. Now. Starting with President Biden, who is doing a great job of speaking up about his accomplishments, just not often enough, and with every, single, member of the House and Senate, and those who are running. SPEAK UP! Time is a-wasting!! Don’t blow this perfect chance to get ahead of the gqp.



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