Carry on  my wayward son. There’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest, don’t you cry no more   Kansas   Carry on my wayward son

Take a deep breath. Here’s a paper bag if you need one. Take my word for it, this will all come down in the end. For the simple reason that His Lowness and his merry band of freebooters are so stupid that they’ve made it mandatory for the DOJ to prosecute.

For the longest time, as the J6 committee kept on keepin’ on, there was widespread fear that there was no active DOH criminal investigation into the Don Cornholeone gang. No more. Recently, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco came right out and told the media that the DPJ was actively investigating the issue of fraudulent slates of state electors in states that Trump lost.

The problem is that the DOJ can’t just investigate the fake slates of electors. Why? Here’s why. What is Merrick Garland’s favorite phrase when dealing with investigations? The DOJ will follow the evidence wherever it leads. From where I’M sitting, if that’s the criteria, the DOJ could empanel a grand jury tomorrow, and start voting true bills of indictment, just on the information that’s already in the public domain. Because these ass clowns have been leaving a trail of bread crumbs as big as Holsum delivery trucks right back to the Oval Office.

  • The New York Times has circulated memos from the west wing to contested states telling the GOP legislators how to cook up phony slates of electors. They don’t list December 4th, the date for state votes to be finalized, or December 14th, the date the states certify the election results and vote the slate of electors, but January 6th, when congress met to certify the results. Just have ’em ready for Pence
  • Mental defectives like Peter Navarro and Boris Epshteyn have taken to cable news networks to proudly admit their role in the fraud, and claiming that they had legal assurances that the whole thing was legal. One of the rock hard constitutional scholars was, of course, Rudy Giuliani, and I believe the others were a quorum of Teletubbies. The only thing they disavowed was the violence at the Capitol
  • Traitor Tot himself put out a long, garbled, free association statement, under his own name, in which he freely admitted that his sole intention in his pressure on the states, as well as Vice President Mike Pence, was to overturn the results of a free and fair election. Trump claimed that the Senate’s attempt to tighten up the language of the Electoral Counting Act only proves that he actually did have the power, and Pence was a wuss.
  • Donald Trump has a lifelong career habit of leaving no paper trail. He has never had an e-mail address, doesn’t like leaving messages on voicemail, He has spent his career regularly tearing up any documents he has read, and sprinkling them on the carpet for the night cleaning crews to pick up with the vacuum. The only problem is that the Presidential Records Act requires a President to save every paper for the archives. In fact, quite a few of the documents turned over by the National Archives to the J6 committee had been torn up and reconstructed by Trump staffers to comply with the requirement. Others were still torn to pieces in sealed plastic bags. Federal prosecutors like to refer to this kind of conduct as consciousness of guilt

As I said in the title, it always comes back around to stupid arrogance. Trump’s delusion, which no one dared to dispute was that he was the ultimate winner! Failure was not an option, Trump would retain power in the White House one way or another. Which was, in the cold spotlight of reality, batshit fucking crazy! The Constitution held, the courts held, the states held. But that didn’t matter to these craven idiots, because Trump would win! And once he did, nobody would ever know of their treachery. And even if he didn’t, once it was all over, nobody would ever go looking. Let bygones be bygones.

But because of their arrogant stupidity, they left a complete road map of their scheme, on paper and electronic media that shows exactly what they intended to do, and how. Even a Garland DOJ that might be reticent about ruffling feathers by prosecuting the former regime cannot ignore or toss under the table. And even if they try, the J6 committee, which is investigating the same crimes, is going to ram it down their throats in their final report, along with quite possibly criminal charges for conspiracy. And if you think that the national news media isn’t already licking their chops over that one, you haven’t been tuning in. This has gone too far. Too much is already known and acknowledged. It’s just a matter of when.


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  1. Your comment about the media licking its chops has me wondering. Decades ago they clearly chose to go the route of making news entertainment to generate profits. The times you and I grew up in when networks viewed (and with a measure of pride) their news divisions as “loss leaders” disappeared completely in the 1990s. Increasingly it’s been about ratings and therefore ad revenue, and the attitude from the corporate suites long ago filtered down to the “talent” and few challenge the new paradigm. Or the ones that know they can’t be fired know to pick their battles and not push too hard and/or too often.

    Entertainment to get viewers became the name of the game and that’s how we got Trump, the TV version of radio shock jocks. People watched just to see what he’d do next and media outlets were happy to just “run the tape” or even carry things live. It made them boatloads of money and while CBS’s Les Moonves was the only one to be stupid enough to get caught saying something like it famous “It may not be good for the country but it’s good for CBS” ALL of the honchos thought the same way. Same with print outlets.

    They have been in Trump withdrawl ever since Twitter bannished him, and even Fox stopped letting him on the air. So, what I wonder is how they will react when things wind up hitting the fan with actual charges, assuming you’re correct and much as he’d like to normalize the DOJ again Garland really has no choice but to do to the Trump administration what the DOJ did to Nixon’s. As I recall, while Nixon himself avoided jail due to his pardon over sixty of his minions were convicted on charges serious enough to do federal time in prison. So it’s not unprecedented, although it’s true that prosecutions and convictions started while Nixon’s successor and fellow Republican Ford was in office.

    This would be riviting TV, and make for day after day of page one news with print outlets. Even Trump supporters would be paying attention, albeit for different reasons than we would. The point however is that the potential is there for eyeballs and therefore ad revenue to go through the roof again. However, for those fat cats in the corporate offices who look at the long term there’s a downside. The GOP and conservative policies that have allowed them to consolidate to the point of monopolies in so many markets would undergo attack. In the long-term it would cost them more than Democrats maintaining power long enough to reset the financial framework that Reagan got established. The do NOT want that to happen! That’s what I’m wondering about. Will they do wall-to-wall Trump style coverage of exposure of all the rot, or will they try to limit it for their own financial benefit?

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • Thank you, and I see your point…But in this case, I prefer to believe that the fourth estate will be using its power to highlight the obvious criminal behaviour to force the DOJ to hold the miscreants to justivce…

  2. The DOJ moves slower than a snail. At least the J6 committee is dropping breadcrumbs all over the place. I’m still amazed we don’t yet have the full story. Who knew a few weeks ago that there were slates of fake electors? I was a little bummed to find out the J6 hearings aren’t going to start until at least April, but they are still digging for dirt. That timetable may work out better for the midterms. It should still be fresh in everyone’s mind. If anyone, higher up the food chain than the fake electors, is going to get indicted, it needs to happen by August (can’t interfere w/an election).

    • Me too, but Trump and his cronies have pulled out all the stops to obstruct the committee from getting the information it needs to finish connecting the dots…I fully expect Trump th sue to stop the Archives from releasing Pence’s documents, but shakily confident that the courts will use the precedent of his loss over the protection of his own documents to throw the suit out summarily, with SCOTUS precedent…

      • I think the problem there, a mhic Ui Mhurchaidh, is that he will try to sue to block Pence’s documents being released simply to stall the investigation in the hope that the Republiqanons will get control and promptly disband the committee before they can nail his sorry ton to the wall (ton there is the Irish word as in ‘pog mo thon’)

        • Of course he will…But I bet the lower court summarily dismisses the suit as redundant and already settled law, since the Supreme Court ruled against him 8-1 on the identi8cal issue…

  3. Used to make me sick when TFG would call into the Today show… goofy-ass Savannah would get all excited to talk to Mr. Trump… Free publicity!


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