This is not a drill. In the fallout from Traitor Tot’s electoral Waterloo, it is apparent that the moderate, mainstream GOP is finally making their move to take their party back. With Trump’s propaganda arm, FUX News giving them pretty much unfettered access, too many mainstream GOP strategists, donors, and pundits have taken to the airwaves to demand Trump’s ouster as the leader of the party. The Rubicon has been crossed.

It’s been so much fun watching the sniveling cowards who have hidden under the bed for the last 7 years suddenly popping up like their left nut just dropped. And they’re desperately trying to put up a united front of unity. But the GOP is still starting this Ring Quest behind the 8-ball for two reasons.

First, even Cruella de Ingraham has used her pulpit to call for the 2024 GOP to start looking for candidates that are actually interested in winning, and not just making a political point. Which presumably means that the GOP 2024 recruiters will be looking for candidates who can actually make a salient point point and tie their own shoes. But there’s problem.

Despite The Mango Messiah’s electoral slaughter on Tuesday, Trumpenstein still managed to send 150 slobbering Trombies back to the GOP House caucus. And he did it for one simple reason. In a wave of revulsion against Trump and Trumpism, these candidates were in almost all cases safely gerrymandered GOP districts. And it begs the question. If these mouth droolers didn’t bolt from these flamethrowers when everybody else was fleeing from Trump, what are the chances that they’ll vote for more moderate candidates in the 2024 primaries? Especially if His Lowness is still dominating the picture?

But here’s the 2nd, more serious problem for the insurgent, sane GOP party. Like a bunch of newborn kittens who have suddenly discovered claws, one of the most requested pisses and moans you get from them on FUX News, and anybody else who will air them, is for Trump to act the elder statesman, and go quietly into that good night.

News Flash! Trump. Ain’t. Going. Anywhere. These wishy-washy do-gooders are thinking in terms of the good of the party going into the 2024 general election. But they’re ignoring the first lesson of Trump 101. Trump. Doesn’t. Give. A. Shit. About. The. Republican. Party.

Trump has never cared about the GOP. He proved it in the 2016 primaries, when he refused to sign the GOP pledge to endorse the eventual primary winner, right up to threatening to bolt the GOP and take his rabid supporters and form a 3rd party if he didn’t win the primaries, which would slaughter the GOP in the 2016 election. Following his 2020 defeat, Trump refused to do what every other President has done, and leave the limelight, preferring to run the party by proxy. And as we speak, Trump still has a Tuesday presser scheduled to announce his running for President in 2024. There was a rumor earlier today that that had been delayed, but no confirmation.The GOP is desperate for Trumpelthinskin to delay that until after December 6th, to keep from tanking Walker’s chances in GA, but good luck with that.

When you’re talking about anything Trump, never forget one simple thing. Trump is a totally self obsessed and centered unit. He’s obsessed by 2 things, money and power. But Trump is out of power. So instead he’s now obsessed with revenge against his opponents, including GOP turncoats, and money. As far as revenge, Trump is like Hitler in his Berlin bunker in 1945. If he can’t control the power, he’ll burn the whole goddamned thing down. He has no loyalty to the GOP, and honestly doesn’t care.

Which leaves money. And His Lowness needs a shitload of it. Trump has a plethora of civil and criminal trials coming up next year. There’s the NY AG’s civil case against him and his company, his civil defamation case against the New York magazine writer, the likely indictments in the Fulton County, Georgia election fraud case, and the likely indictments in the US Mar-A-Lago stolen documents case. And somebody needs to pay those 3rd rate ambulance chasers Trump has going to court for him. It may as well be the sheeple.

This is why I don’t believe that Hair Twitler will actually announce his candidacy on Tuesday. If Trump announces, then he has 14 days to submit his paperwork to the FEC. If he doesn’t then the whole thing is moot. But if he does, then by FEC law, he has to remove himself from all control of his Leadership PAC. He basically loses the ability to continue to siphon off funds for his own personal use. And I don’t see that.

My guess is that The Trumpster Fire will go ahead and announce his candidacy on Tuesday, and then fund raise the hell out of it to his Leadership PAC, and then depend that his sniveling lemmings don’t know the rules, and won’t realize his announcement becomes useless 14 days later. And then he’ll continue to fund raise off it under the guise of his presidential race even after his announcement becomes moot. Just keep the cash flow going.

Look, I have long bemoaned the ascendance of Trump and Trumpism, simply because in the United States, we have a two party system, that requires 2 strong and thriving parties to act as countermeasures against each other. And right now, the current Trump GOP is not a viable national political party. I wish them Godspeed in their efforts to finally reclaim the sanity of their party, but they have their work cut out for them.

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  1. ‘The 2024 GOP to start looking for candidates that are actually interested in winning, and not just making a political point. ‘

    And, of course that would be further aided by having actual policies, (other than giving the rich more money, and hurting some made-up ‘enemies’ with fake ‘controversies’.)

    I can’t see that happening either, and meanwhile another tranche of young voters gets old enough to vote, and more older voters die.

    The future looks blue to me.

  2. With Kelly’s win in Arizona, if Cortez Mastro indeed wins in Nevada, that gives the Dems 50 seats, plus VP Harris’ tie breaker vote for the majority, making the Walker/Warnock race more or less meaningless, except to the idiots in Georgia, allowing Trump-O the Assclown to be the first to announce his candidacy as scheduled on Tuesday.

  3. Gotta agree with you on him announcing his candidacy but not following through with the filing with the FEC. Not only does he want to keep dipping into the funds but he doesn’t want to have the RNC quit paying his legal bills.


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