There’s a key problem with the Big Lie which the GOP has not figured out how to reconcile. If they dismiss the Big Lie as being just that, then they upset Trump and his vaunted base, and they certainly don’t want to do that. If, on the other hand, they accept the Big Lie as fact, then that gets all kinds of fingers pointing in their direction and wagging at them, “Why didn’t you Stop the Steal? You knew it was going on. Trump told you.”

They have not figured out how to handle this quandary and the fact is, it may now be too late. Donors are getting miffed. Here’s what Ronna McDaniel got back in the mail. No check, just these love and kisses.

If enough Republicans make this same decision, and they might, then Trump is going to get all the money directly and the down ballot races can just dry up and fly away. Trump’s not giving them a penny, not even the candidates that he may give an endorsement to. Lending his name to a cause is one thing, parting with cold hard cash at a time when he desperately needs it for legal expenses, is something else.

This is the Catch-22 that is going to destroy the GOP. You can’t have it both ways. Either live in reality, acknowledge Trump lost and the party needs to move forward, or live in conspiracy theory, and then see how that affects morale, and how morale affects the coffers.

They’re screwing themselves by attempting to ride some invisible line between these two realities. Pick one or the other. Either way there’s going to be blow back, but siding with reality and fact might be the best way to go. Amazing that a major political party would have to even contemplate such a thing, but this is the ticket they bought when they made Trump the standard bearer.

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    • You say “former guy”as if he was a person or something. This ‘former guy” is not human in any form. No one can wake up in the morning and start lying and not quit until they go to bed at night. That is the behavior of a programmed robot. Trouble is they forgot to program it with any integrity.

  1. The fight for Trump was lost back at the beginning of this year … the Republicans had already let trump off any responsibility to our country earlier with squashing every attempt to call him out and sink his big blowup ducky float …

    Those votes and the silence of McConnell, when the Republicans COULD&SHOULD, have turned the corner on the most scary stupid so-called president EVER … too late now …

    There is NO way out now, box canyons for every complicit Republican, even down ballot tickets will suffer as the poor performance of Reps and Senators, carrying the big lie with their silence or outright idiocy … are going to be caught red-handed when voting records and results are tallied by the watch-dog groups and vigilant communicators like our Ursula.

    Given several chances to come clean with the truth, early on, and then just turning their back to all the Trump dumb crap actions he made and his huge swamp of lies to the weak minded MAGA’s, 01-06-2021, should be a page turner when the in-depth investigation runs through the minute-by-minute actions/inactions that day …

    We all want times and names, probably the biggest fear of the Republican miss-fits, is the REAL facts will show a general lack of action controlled by set points in the Pentagon, local backup, the WH proper and internally in Congress itself … all working to permit a huge wave of damage AND death at our precious Capitol building …

    Of course, some Republicans have always, seemingly, used a play-along attitude, let the big mouthed Republicans set the rules and just remain a mouse in the corner, not making waves just go to work in their office like it’s OK … Adam Schiff’s famous speech during one of the Trump Impeachment trials, used the words, “It’s NOT OK !”, from the Democrat’s view of all the criminal functions in the WH oval office, while the Republicans have been locked in unison ever since that time with miles of evidence strewn all over the country …

    The truth WILL come out, the Republicans AND the Trump family itself, seem to be on a fact-ignorant binge once again ….

    Both Trump himself and daughter Ivanka may want to start practicing doing their daily preening in front of a small, polished, stainless steel mirror … they don’t use many things in prison made of glass … 🙂 🙂

  2. The GOP’s self-made quandry often brings a couple of images to my mind. One is that short audio clip from Apocalypse Now where they listen to Brando describing a snail on the edge of a razor blade. If you think at all about what that would actually look like…yuck.

    The other is a mix of me and stuff from the movie Idiocracy. I’m old, fat and disabled and lose my balance and fall often. (I have my small apartment arranged where I’m almost always in reach of a wall or other object I can use to keep from falling all the way to the ground) And the GOP’s antics make me think of myself trying to imitate playing the “OUCH – MY BALLS!” guy in Idiocracy by trying to dance along a regulation gymnastic balance beam! In a movie with all the stunt precautions it would be funny to watch. In real life? Not so much.

    Perhaps the point will come where those two things (the snail on the razor blade and me trying to dance along the balance beam with predictably painful “straddling” results) will combine for the GOP. Maybe they’ve even passed the threshold and don’t realize yet because their shoes are still intact. But it’s a long razor blade and once they are on it there will be no going back because the relative safety of the balance beam will no longer be within their view.

  3. The RepubliQanons have painted themselves into their little corner with slow-drying paint. There is no way out for them without making a big mess and undoing all they’ve done.

  4. I have said this often,both about criminals and republicans,they both have vast amounts of stupidity in their genes and eventually it rises to the surface.


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