The more I watch the J6 hearings, the more one simple train of thought keeps going through my head, These people are bone fucking stupid! And that goes for almost every Trump miscreant I’ve seen exposed.

In dark the darkest deeds are done, and villians all flee the rising sun. The first rule of Conspiracy Club is You never discuss Conspiracy Club! And the second rule of Conspiracy Club is, You never discuss Conspiracy Club! For one simple reason. If you discuss Conspiracy Club, then someone might overhear you that could fuck your shit up permanently, and leave you with your ass hanging in the wind.

Look, the J6 committee has already proven that Trump knew that he had lost and that what he was doing was illegal, Meadows knew that what they were doing was illegal, Giuliani knew that what they were doing was illegal, Eastman as sure as shit knew what they were doing was illegal. They all knew it was illegal, and most likely unconstitutional. 

They blathered about it in meeting rooms, they blathered about it in meetings, they blathered about it in the Oval Office, they blathered about it in hallways, and all with aides and staff members present for the conversations. I can only chalk this up to pure stupidity as well as pure arrogance. They were so sure of their power, that nobody could stop them, that they didn’t need to take precautions. And if they even realized that the aides and staffers were in the room, they were sure that they were the see-no-evil,-hear-no-evil,-speak-no-evil monkeys.

And now they’re coming out in droves. The J6 committee has interviewed more than 1000 people, how many staff members among them. Trump canned cronies can’t hurt them anymore, but defying congress sure as hell can. And they’re voting with their testimony.

But worse yet in the bone fucking stupid category is their complete inability to stay away from the media! Fraud trade advisor Peter Navarro has been on The Beat with Ari Melber 3 times, and he’s killed himself each time. In his first interview, Melber was moved to say, Sir, you do realize that what you’re describing is an attempted coup, which Navarro denied. The third time, the night before he was arrested by the FBI after refusing to speak to congress, Melber again leaded, Sir, you have refused to speak to the J6 committee and the FBI. You do realize that when you talk to me on the air, the investigators can hear you, don’t you? 

Soon to be convicted felon John Eastman isn’t doing any better. He has made a habit of embarking on a far right media tour to defend himself, and explain to the Trombie cretins why everything he did was legal, even though committee testimony shows that Eastman already knew that even if the stunt went off, it would lose in the Supreme court 9-0.

One Name from the past to watch for on Tuesday. Listen for the name of Boris Epshteyn. He is a barred lawyer who was one of Trump’s earliest TV surrogates in the 2016 campaign, before, like his mentor, KellyAnne Conjob, he was booted from every reputable network for his obstinance.

Like Peter Navarro, Epshteyn just couldn’t resist going to the media to lick his nuts. On The Beat with Ari Melber, Epsteyn came right out and admitted that as a member of the Trump campaign he had called state legislators instructing them how to overturn the election results in their states. His justification was novel, everything he was doing was legal, since Rudy Giuliani had vetted the language for constitutionality. Is he fucking kidding me? I wouldn’t let The Ghoul Man represent me in court on a parking ticket!

Tuesday’s hearing should be interesting. They are doing a deep dive into the Trump campaign’s attempt to corrupt the legislatures of the GOP controlled swing states to overturn the election. Get ready to hear quite a bit about Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Boris Epshteyn, and several lawyers you’ve never heard of. But bear one simple thing in mind. The DOJ has already announced that it is actively investigating Trump influence and interference in the swing states to overturn the election. Tuesday’s hearing should give them something to think about.


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  1. What was that joke from about four years ago?

    I got a parking ticket but Rudy managed to talk it down to a life sentence.

    His ‘reputation’ precedes him.

    • I heard a variation of that, which was, “If you get a traffic ticket, don’t call Rudy. You’ll be in the pen for life.”

    • I don’t know whther that joke originated in Johann Strauss Jr.’s operetta “Die Fledermaus” (1874) but it certainly is in it.

      But what I came to say is – am I the only one to thnk that Eastman is cosplaying a 1930’s or 40’s hardboiled detective in that outfit?

  2. I’m bummed about Tuesday. I’d thought I’d have to (again) postpone some stuff out at the VA in Durham scheduled for Tues. afternoon but a miracle dropped out of the sky and I met a fellow veteran (delivering my groceries) who also has a procedure out there later in the day. He offered to give me a ride and kill time until his MRI. I’ll kill time after my stuff until he’s ready to come home. I can’t help but wonder if the hearings will be playing on the TV screens in the waiting rooms! And what the comments from others will be.

    • If you don’t have a DVR to record and watch later you can view any portion of the J6 documentary on YouTube. That is how I watched day2 and day3 since I forgot to record them. Search for “Jan 6 day 4” after the showing. I don’t know how,quickly they get the footage up in YouTube. You might need to wait a day or two.

  3. Denis, make SURE the TVs are tuned into the hearing. One of my little acts of resistance is to always change the channel from Fox wherever I go. Sometimes you have to ask the receptionist and if they make a stink then I certainly don’t return to that place of business. I know, the VA you have no choice.

  4. Can’t believe how stupid these people are? Really? They have been giving numerous, VERY NUMEROUS, demonstrations of their stupidity for years. Not to be a total horse’s patoot but what more do you need? lol.

  5. Unfortunately, the conspirators have learned from J6 — if top down failed (but not by much– a few brave and clever cops, and Pence standing firm for once)– then let’s change out the election officials in 50 states! Even if a few states resist, they still only need a few themselves. Read Umair Haque. I think arrogance outweighs stupidity here.


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