It’s been an interesting century so far, and I am particularly fond of this new decade we’re in.

In days of yore, secret agents, whistle blowers, and actors in extraordinary international plots did not wear berets with tassels and epaulets on their shoulders. They looked somewhat more somber and credible, not like they had run screaming from a Shriner’s parade and then dropped a lot of acid.

But that was then and this is now. We listen once more to John Paul Mac Isaac. Don’t know if he’s a Scotsman, don’t know if he’s even a front line techie. But Fox News seems to think he holds all the answers to a quandary which could determine the next president of this republic. Yes, we speak of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

No, I don’t know what’s wrong with his eyes. He looks to me like a cyborg that left the assembly line a tad too early, or was perhaps dropped on his head.

Have you noticed? Lately, it’s hard to know what is a sketch off of SNL and what’s a “real” story on Fox News.

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  1. The Guns Over People party has no allegiance to the truth. Their bet? That a huge swath of Americans are some combination of stupid, racist, or rich enough to benefit from tax breaks. So far that’s a bet that has kept them in power no matter how much they lie and steal. Up to us to PROVE them wrong.

  2. It all depends what the stuff that’s been inserted actually is. Because if it’s corresponds to the stuff that’s supposed to make the Bidens look bad, I would say it damn well should discredit the whole thing as disinfo. We’ll find out soon enough, Bug Eyes.

  3. Before he developed actual brain cancer and died (same thing Ted Kennedy & John McCain had) the running joke in DC was that conservative pundit Robert Novak was a “triumph of the embalmer’s art.” This guy however is like a freaking mannequin! An animatronic one I guess, but a mannequin nonetheless. As for that laptop and more precisely the infamous hard drive that causes conservatives to collapse in orgasmic spasms when they think about it I don’t for one second believe it’s genuine. Or rather came from any computer of Hunter Biden’s. And before it ever got turned over to anyone in LE it got passed around like the world’s largest joint at a stoner party! If it didn’t actually travel overseas to have Russian techies doctor it up then it at least went to one (or more) of their embassies for some “work.” Any data on it is bogus. Conservatives in politics know it. We know it. They know we know it. But the goobers out there are gullible dumbasses and at this point Trump himself could admit the fact it’s bogus and they wouldn’t believe it. As with the vaccine thing they’d start booing him!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. They will hotly deny it, but conservative’s wet-dream is to drive Hunter Biden to commit suicide. They know Joe Biden’s character, and how the death of his son Beau devastated him. They want Hunter to kill himself to cause President Biden that same pain, in the hope he’ll step aside and throw the Democratic Party into disarray.

  4. The repair guy is legally blind and can’t identify whoever brought in that laptop. He also didn’t get any identification, not even a callback number. And WTF would Hunter Biden take a dead Apple laptop to a non-specialist obscure repair place on the other side of the country without leaving a number to call back, when there are mumblety Apple places in L.A.?

  5. I love the Black Watch tam o’ shanter – I wonder if he actually knows anything about their history.

    Like: the regiment was involved in the defeat of George Washington in the Battle of Long Island in August 1776 and saw combat at the Battle of Harlem Heights in September 1776, the Battle of Fort Washington in November 1776 and the Battle of Piscataway in February 1777. It also fought at the Battle of Brandywine (light infantry and grenadier companies only) in September 1777, the Battle of Germantown (Light Company only) in October 1777 and the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778 as well as the siege of Charleston in spring 1780. In September 1778 a detachment from the regiment raided Fairhaven, Massachusetts, inflicting severe damage on the town’s shipping industry.
    How’s that for ‘patriotism’?

    • I think all concerns about who helped and who didn’t in the Revolution went out the window after 9/11 when French fries became “freedom fries.”

      But it may actually have happened sooner than that. A couple of centuries sooner, in fact. We are not known as a prople for our long memories.


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