We all know that Traitor Tot is totally transactional, but sometimes the results of that transactional nature can be hilarious to watch. Due to a combination of practical necessity as well as long term familiarity Trump’s media poison of choice has been FUX News.

But Traitor Tot forgot one little thing. Familiarity breeds contempt. And if nothing else could pound that fact through Trump’s thick skull, then the revelations from the Dominion lawsuit against FUX News certainly should have.

The released contexts of the text messages and group chat messages of all of the major FUX News prime time personalities had to be a cold dead fish slap in the face for Trump. The almost universal scorn that was heaped down on Trump from such notables an Hannity, F*cker Carlson, and Cruella de Ingraham had to be bitter wormwood on his tongue. Carlson in particular was notable, he stated that he Passionately hated Trump, and that he couldn’t take this much longer! 

But because Trump is purely transactional, and because he because he instinctively realizes that a vast majority of the Trump base that he desperately need is still firmly plugged into FUX News, Trump swallowed his pride.

He went on FUX. He carefully avoided the greatest Trump turncoats, Carlson and Ingraham, and chose to appear on Sean Hannity’s show instead, Hannity having been the least offensive prime time host to Trump. And he trusted Hannity to set him up with softball questions.

And Hannity tried, oh Lordy he tried. He asked Trump what he thought would be the perfect setup question to allow him to dump shit all over Michael Cohen’s head. He asked His Lowness, Why would Michael pay $130,000 to a porn star that you never even met? Which gave Trump the opportunity to lambaste Cohen for being delusional and acting out on his own. And instead Trump said that He was almost certainly trying to ingratiate himself to me, which is a good thing to do.

Wait, what?! Your lawyer gets a shakedown approach from a porn star you’ve never met, and instead of swatting her down or threatening prosecution, he instead takes out a home equity loan to pay her $130,000 to keep her quiet, and then you reimburse him with a profit?! Are you insane?

For starters, Cohen testified before the US House of Representatives that Nothing went on in the Trump organization without Mr. Trump’s approval. Does that sound like somebody just bursting to take the initiative to solve a personal problem on behalf of the boss? And even if he did, why would Trump undertake an elaborate scheme to repay him with a profit?

Trump just hoist himself on his own petard on FUX. If one of your lawyers was dumb enough to undertake to compensate a prospective blackmailer you never met with a personal payout to keep it quiet, would you sit there and repay him, with a profit, or would you tell him, You stupid shit, I never even met her! You’re on your own, but I’m calling the cops!

But what really sets the pudding is the fact that Trump just couldn’t resist fluffing his own ego by saying, He was trying to ingratiate himself to me, which is a good thing. A subaltern pays $130,000 to a porn star you’ve never met, but it’s a good thing because he was looking out for you. Every time Trump opens his mouth, he just keeps digging the hole deeper. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. When he said, after the primary in Nevada in 2016, that he “loved the poorly educated,” I thought for sure that would hurt his chances. That was followed by the Access Hollywood tape and we know what happened after that. TFG may be stupid, but his base is even more stupid and proud of it. Logical, rational arguments do not appeal to them. He hates the same people they hate and that’s good enough for them. Even the fact that he’s responsible for the last 3 election losses for the rethugs does not register with the faithful. So I am sure they were all nodding along watching this interview and thinking, “he’s the best.”

      • And the Freshman Class of new Congress Critters has been welcomed by their GOP “Mentors.” Those “poorly educated” new members include Margory Taylor Greene, Loren Boebert, and George Santos. And we just thought they were uncouth.

  2. Mama says stupid is as stupid does. Forest Gump
    Mr. Tangerine man does stupid perfectly. It’s a perfect stupid. Everybody says so, and you know it’s true. Why… he says, ‘a baby crawled up to me on fifth Avenue dressed in a shirt that said, ‘Trump is God’, with tears down its cheeks, asking me to run again! As I am my witness’.

  3. He is stupid in many ways, but he reads the crowd well.and is instinctively manipulative. It has worked for him for at least 5 decades.
    I remember Cohen saying that you liked working for Trump.because you felt like you were on the “inside” of Trump World,the seat of power,and it was exciting. He just described Trump’s appeal clearly.
    Trump.and QAnon use that feeling of inclusion and knowing something others don’t to win. It is a combo of smarmy wink nudge nudge “we know so.ething you don’t”with bullying and lashing out at those who speak.the truth. Marginalized and angry people are easy to manipulate, and psychopaths use them.

  4. Trump is so stupid, he wouldn’t be where he’s at now if daddy hadn’t left him $ 400 million dollars . He’s always been an idiot . I remember him from the 70’s .


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