I guess the Bobblehead from Colorado and the Trailer Park Queen from Georgia got to feeling the need for some spotlight in the past couple of days. So they both decided to do what they do best (or worst when you think about it) and engage in some GOP political “performance art” as in jackassery. And try to outdo each other in the process. At least that was my reaction when I saw this story published by Daily Beast.  As the article’s headline indicates they decided to out-troll each other with amendment to the Defense Authorization appropriation:

Greene successfully used the Holman rule to attach an amendment to a short-term defense spending bill to reduce Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s yearly salary to $1. Austin, the first African American Secretary of Defense, was “destroying our military” and had allowed recruitment to fall to “crisis levels,” Greene huffed.

Well… Bobblehead couldn’t let THAT one go without a stunt of her own so she added in her own little turd:

Not to be outdone, Boebert successfully inserted an amendment to reduce the annual salary for Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness Shawn Skelly, who is transgender, to $1.

In a transphobic rant, she accused Skelly of espousing “wokeism” that had caused “significant harm to our military readiness and troops’ morale.”

It was all just for show. Of course. But showing off for the MAGAs is always the point with the crazies in the House and when the whole shutdown mess is either averted or eventually resolved with a continuing resolution neither of these provisions will be in there but again, that was never the point. What matters is that we are staring down the barrel of another govt. shutdown and that’s bad for everyone. Everyone includes the GOP which despite sunshine from various focus groups and polls they inhale through their anal orifices will blow up in Republican’s faces. However as we know some folks never learn. Even refuse to learn.

In any case with precious time running out we have GOPers trying to start bogus impeachment hearings, and when they do try to do something about funding the govt. have a handful of spoiled toddlers making like Ted Cruz once did and demanding a govt. shutdown. Now, to be fair there are in fact plenty of GOPers who learned the lessons that a) shutdowns suck and get voters mad, and b) the GOP will, because it will have been THEIR fault catch the lion’s share of the hell from voters want to avoid all this.

As a result they are from McCarthy on down trying to find ways to spin this as all the Democrat’s fault. Their arguments are lame of course and in the end won’t fly with anyone outside MAGA world but they’ve learned enough to at least try to get ahead of the curve. What doesn’t help is stuff like the impeachment hearing or these dueling stunts from Bobo and Gangrene on a Defense Authorization appropriation bill! They know what a handful of their colleagues have been up to is not only wrong but damaging to the country.

They just don’t have the guts to stand up and put a stop to all this.

So, with time running out we have the KKKrazy KKKaucus holding bogus impeachment hearings and this kind of nonsense – Dueling Dumbass Divas trying to one-up each other. Yet for all their fevered fantasies neither will get that magical summons they so desire, the one to come stand with their Mango Messiah for the announcement they will be his running mate!

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  1. Don’t forget Coma Comey and Gymbag Jordan designated their phony impeachment staff as essential government workers, so THEY will continue to get paid while our troops will NOT!!!!
    AMERICA…have you removed your collective heads from your collective arses? If so then nail these sobs at the ballot box. VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!!

  2. Both are co-joined pithy intellectual voids. Both are abrasive, in their own excoriating ways. Both are as deep as an unbalanced shared bird bath. Both are as dense as crudely dressed faux granite blocks, with no substance. Both uncooperatively pull in different competitive directions. Both are fuelled by vain attempts to steal each other’s poxed political limelight and dud thunder. Both have a base of support that’s falling through its own crafted cracks, with a palpable and accelerating momentum. Not long now ladies, when you’ve both been shown the back door to the outhouse, reserved for mediocre persons.

  3. wow. Double “hold my beer” moments. Now that’s talent…such stupidity should not go unrewarded. Hopefully their constituents are re-thinking their previous election decisions.

  4. I’m sort of curious here: does the shutdown also mean that mmbers of Congress won’t be paid either (or have they managed to keep their salaries going while everyone else in government jobs lose theirs)?


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