Man! Talk about the blind leading the stupid. FUX News just got nicked by Dominion Voting Systems for almost $800 million. Right now they’re on the cuff for another $2.1 billion lawsuit from Smartmatic Voting System’s that most observers say is even stronger than the Dominion suit. One would think that the memo may have gone out from corporate to the FUX News room to start going a little f*cking due diligence on their national stories.

But no, not the Aussie Imbecile. Rupert Murdoch has never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like, and standing orders are to run those goddamned things right into the fricking ground. And that’s exactly what his howler monkeys at FUX News did. And with the usual results.

The premise itself was ridiculous. FUX New breathlessly broke the news that when the new new York City mayor started ordering that incoming undocumented immigrants from the Texas border showed up in town, they were to be bused to upstate suburban New York, and put in hotels. OK. So what?

Here’s what. FUX screamed that homeless US veterans, some with PTSD had been booted out of hotels in order to make room for the migrants. And even better yet, FUX had receipts!

While FUX itself went all in, it was harridan Cruella de Ingraham who had the bit between her teeth. She angrily ranted for a week about the injustice, showing the receipts, along with video of homeless vets waiting to meet with local officials. I get it. Ingraham wants to rocket her ratings so that she can move into Mother Tuckers time slot.

Small problem. It was all bullsh*t. The receipts came from a far right charity that had put people up at the hotels, and doctored the receipts to show that they were homeless veterans. The hotels confirmed that they had no homeless checked in, nor had they kicked anybody out. And it was proven that the far right charity had gone to a homeless shelter to recruit men to meet with local officials as homeless vets, with the promise of $200 and alcohol. Neither were ultimately provided to the homeless men. Typical.

And here’s the McGuffin. It must have been bitter wormwood on Ingraham’s tongue, but she had to take to the airwaves, recap the bogus story she had been screeching like a shrike about for the last week, and then have to admit that the charitable organization had falsified the documents that her entire Trumper Tantrum had been based on. You’ll notice that there was no mention in Ingraham’s admission of guilt of FUX’s incredibly lax journalistic refusal to require multiple sources before going to air with a story.

But it’s still hysterical. Because here you see the immediate effects of the Dominion decision. Ingraham went off on a bull rush with a story that would thrill her audience, but with no actual facts to back it up. And now FUX News corporate has to worry about whether or not the hotel owner will sue FUX for defamation, for making them look like *ssho9les for throwing homeless vets onto the street just to house undocumented immigrants. And right now, the last thing that FUX News needs is another multimillion dollar lawsuit for defamation.

Let’s be blunt. There is no way that FUX News is going to change its business model. They deal in bullsh*t for a living. But in order to keep themselves from standing on street corners shaking tin cups with pencils in them, FUX News personalities are gong to have to get used to spending prime time admitting that their exclusive reporting is a crock of sh*t. That should take some of the shine out of being a FUX News prime time personality.

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  1. Fox tan the story for a week then retracted so they still got their news to their masses and they win because if in court they can say, oh, but we retracted after we found the truth. It’s still propaganda that works for them.


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