You know, racist dog whistles are nothing new in American politics, going all the way back to the Civil War. In the 1860’s it was the Dixiecrats who used racism to try to stop Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation from being passed.

That lasted until the early 60’s, when RFK talked JFK into letting Martin Luther King Jr out of jail, and launched the civil rights fight by the Democrats. LBJ finished the deal with the signing of the Civil Rights Act, after which he snapped at an aide walking into the Oval Office smiling, What the fuck are you smiling at?! I just cost us the southern vote for a generation! actually, it’s been more like 3 generations now.

Taking the mantle, the GOP played the race card masterfully to replace the Democrats the party of choice in the deep south. Nixon used race riots to proclaim his War on crime, using blacks as the focus. And it’s never stopped since then, but never overtly stated for the general public.

  • President Ronald Reagan artfully used a totally fictitious black woman in Chicago, whom he dubbed the Welfare Queen, to describe the horrors of blacks abusing the federal welfare benefits assistance program
  • George HW Bush used the infamous Willie Horton ad that described an Arkansas convict who got weekend passes to kidnap and stab a white man and repeatedly rape a white wokman. It didn’t work, and Clinton steamrolled Bush in the general election
  • In 2000, in the South Carolina primaries, George W Bush used white backlash against primary opponent John McCain by having operatives place fliers under South Carolina windshields claiming that the Vietnamese orphan that the McCain’s had adopted was actually his illicit love child from his tours in Vietnam. It worked.

Noticing the pattern here? The GOP spent generations using racism to further their ambitions, but never overt racism. It was always with a nod-nod-wink-wink, or subliminal dog whistles. The GOP was careful to never use overtly racial epithets.

But then, in 2015, Il Douches’ farted his way down that rattle clap gilt escalator in Trump Tower, and changed the paradigm forever. He made his presidential run announcement by stating that

  • When Mexicans send us people, they don’t send their best. They send murderers, they send rapists, they send drug dealers
  • Before even becoming President, Trump proposed a Ban on all Muslims entering this country until the United States can figure out what the hell is going on
  • As President, Trump took 3 separate stabs at passing his racist anti Muslim ban, and when he finally got it right on the 3rd try, the time limit had already expired on the order
  • Trump instituted an inhumane Child separation rule at the border to separate undocumented immigrant children from their parents at the border. The administration eventually admitted that the policy was to deter migrant families from coming to the border

Notice the difference? There are no more dog whistles or subliminal messages. The GOP, through Trump is coming right out and saying that they re prejudiced against anyone who looks and acts different from them. And since Trump reluctantly left office, it’s only gotten worse

  • In a speech at a rally this weekend, Laborious MTG said that Under the Democrats, they’re trying to replace you. They’ll replace your jobs, they’ll replace your kids in school, and they’ll replace your culture. This is unacceptable in America
  • The  Secretary of Nevada State candidate said in a rally that, President Trump and I both lost elections in 2020 because the elections were rigged. If I become Secretary of State, I’m going to fix that. And if other GOP candidates get elected, we’re going to fix it, and Trump will be President again in 2024
  • Dana Loesch, a conservative commentator said on her broadcast, I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid for an abortion. I don’t care if Walker paid to abort endangered baby bald eagle eggs. I want that seat in the Senate

Do you get it America?! The kid gloves are off, and with a vengeance. No more dog whistles or nods-and-winks. The Trump GOP is telling you exactly what they are. An overtly racist, recidivist party beholden only to power, and willing to cheat to achieve it! Their candidates are coming right out and saying it in stump speeches and debates. The only goal of the GOP is power, and once they get it, they’ll never willingly give it up, most certainly  not through electoral means. A dictatorship is what they’re after, with The Mango Messiah on the throne.

Democrats, independents, soft GOP voters, you’ve been warned. The 2022 GOP irt  leaving nothing left unsaid. They’re stepping right in front of microphones and telling you that what they support is racism, misogyny, tribalism, anti women’s rights,  LGBTQ rights, and anti anybody who isn’t one of us rights. The only question left for you, the American voter is, what are you going to do about it? The future of our democracy is in your hands.


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  1. “They send us murderers and rapists”. That was followed in a matter of days with “They’re coming to take your jobs”.

    Umm -just WHAT did you say your job was?

    • C’mon Daithi, sitting on your ass blowing thru daddy’s money like a gale thru freshly raked leaves is a full-time job. Most of us having $10B given to us completely unearned would spend a lifetime frittering it away because we’re just not good at that job.

  2. Willie Horton was a Massachusetts convict who mistakenly was given a weekend furlough and while out committed an assault and rape. GHWB used this against Dukakis, not Clinton. A little research please.

  3. The ones who should be listening to all of the garbage spewing from ‘pube mouths often aren’t listening and many of the ones who do agree with the sewage spewing from ‘pube mouths. Maybe if those asinine “reality” shows had the ‘pube klan rallies and debates between pols going on in the background, perhaps they more people needing to hear just the filth exuding from these ‘pube mouths would sit up and pay attention…and maybe vote accordingly (I know that’s a big ask).

  4. A correction Murf, the infamous Willie Horton ad was run during the 1988 presidential campaign between Bush(41) and Dukakis. It was effective as hell, and stoked the undercurrent of racism and exploited stereotypes the GOP had long been effective at promoting. An additional, and sickening aspect of the ad is that upon Bush 41’s death attempts were made to whitewash (yes, that word was chosen deliberately) to try and make the claim the ad wasn’t about racism or an attempt to exploit race to Bush’s advantage. It’s not just famous/powerful people who when they die get their sins glossed over. But a LOT of effort went into creating a “Bush wasn’t a bad guy, and for that matter Atwater (who inspired the ad) wasn’t either, and that they were ‘shocked, SHOCKED I say’ that ANYONE perceived the ad as racist.” Pure bullshit of course. Exploiting racial stereotypes/fears was EXACTLY the point and Bush 41 had no problem at all with it. To anyone who says otherwise take a look at his announcement of Clarence Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall on SCOTUS and his fucking SMIRK then and throughout the whole process. I never bought the “wimp” stuff during the Reagan years (Reagan resented Bush for so many things Reagan only pretended to be) and the fact is that while he had redeeming qualities the elder Bush was as ruthless as they come.

    One final tidbit. I never was able to verify it, but I had a roommate for a while after I was divorced who said he was related to the woman Horton raped. A distant cousin as I recall. Something about that ad had come up on TV, and he told me that although her relationship with her then fiance survived the attack, the ad brutalized her all over again and wound up breaking them up. He said for her it was like being raped all over again, only on national TV. Not that anyone in the Bush campaign up to and including Bush himself gave a shit about that! Again, victims of sexual assault are often shielded so it’s not something I was ever able to confirm (that the ad resulted in her and her partner’s breakup) but to anyone who talks about that ad, I ALWAYS point out that NO one involved in producing and airing it gave a shit about the trauma THEY inflicted! It never seems to have occurred to them by all accounts. Or worse, maybe to some of them it did but they didn’t fucking care!

  5. “You know, racist dog whistles are nothing new in American politics, going all the way back to the Civil War. In the 1860’s it was the Dixiecrats who used racism to try to stop Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation from being passed.”

    Um, Murf? Are you being serious or just being silly here? There were exactly ZERO “Dixiecrats” doing anything to “try to stop Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation” because the “Dixiecrats” didn’t come along until 1948 (more than 80 years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was made). The Emancipation Proclamation was effectively an Executive Order and Lincoln issued it under his war powers as “Commander-in-Chief” of the Armed Forces so it wasn’t subject to Congressional oversight and it was never challenged in court. Congress could have passed a law that would’ve overturned the Proclamation (but it’s kind of doubtful that Congress would’ve been able to override a veto of any such law).

    On the party aspect, there were Southern Democrats and Northern Democrats BEFORE the war broke out (though the geographic designation was purely subjective–most Southern Democrats were in the South and most Northern Democrats were in the North but the main difference between the factions had to do with slavery, not geography). During the war, however, there was a different split between “War Democrats,” who largely supported the war, and “Peace Democrats,” who largely opposed the war (the “Peace Democrats” were generally more openly racist despite their being Northerners).

  6. “In 2000, in the South Carolina primaries, George W Bush used white backlash against primary opponent John McCain by having operatives place fliers under South Carolina windshields claiming that the Vietnamese orphan that the McCain’s had adopted was actually his illicit love child from his tours in Vietnam. It worked.”

    I think I corrected you on this issue a few weeks ago. McCain adopted daughter was from Bangladesh, not Vietnam. (Bangladeshis tend to have a darker skin tone than Vietnamese.) Since the girl wasn’t even 10 years old when the “love child” claims were presented, it’s kind of hard to imagine that she’d been conceived during his “tours in Vietnam” (especially since the US “tours” ended in 1975); he was involved in some extramarital relationships (while he was stationed in Florida after the war) but it was Cindy who brought the three-month old girl to the US (from one of Mother Teresa’s orphanages) in 1991.

  7. Geezus. The premise of the article is sound and easily defended but get your facts straight for Christsake. And when did this trend of posting shit without proofreading for grammar and spelling take hold? No wonder people no longer trust the media.


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