When I wrote in my last article that When stupid went on a political vacation, it went to Tennessee, I actually had an entire section on why they were such imbeciles. But I was briefly distracted, and when I came back, reread the last couple of sentences, and picked up my next train of thought without providing the explanation. And I want to be fair to the Tennessee imbeciles, so here it is.

Let’s briefly st the background scenario for clarity. Two weeks ago there was yet another tragic mass shooting, this one at a private church school. Three adults and three nine year old babies were murdered. The shock and outrage led to mass walk outs at most Nashville schools, where students, many accompanied by their parents marched on the state Capitol to protest for more effective gun control.

And they were effective. They filled the lobby atrium and 2nd floor rotunda, and flooded the state legislature 2nd floor gallery. And they weren’t going anywhere. For the two young Justin’s, this was a situation ripe for exploitation. After all, their communities have a much closer and real familiarity with the ravages of gun violence, then most of the upper middle class protesters. They had their cause celebre.

And so, in the middle of a raucous protest in the gallery, they stepped into the well of the chamber, knowing full they were about to get into good trouble. And since it’s almost certain that the two are prime pains-in-the-*ss for the House Speaker, they knew what they were getting into.

And by my logic, so did progressive congresswoman Gloria Johnson. A veteran of the state House, she knew what the two men were risking with their action in a chamber with a GOP supermajority. And so Johnson selflessly stepped right on into good trouble with her colleagues, hoping to give them some white close air support. So she pumped her fists and chanted for the entire six seconds until the Speaker gaveled a recess.

And here’s where the imbeciles fornicated the canine. Johnson rolled the dice that the GOP wouldn’t harshly sanction the two black legislators if she was with them. But she also made herself a potential sacrificial lamb if the Speaker decided that getting rid of the two firebrands was worth it.

And the imbeciles blew the day up. They charged all three with violations of House decorum rules. Fine, if you want to make yourselves look like a bunch of Klansmen over the legislative equivalent of a parking ticket. And then they let their racist slip show. They voted to expel the two troublemakers, but let the 60 year old white woman survive by one vote.

And they didn’t even try to hide it. For Starters Johnson wouldn’t let them. When asked about the outcome of the votes, she said, I’ll answer the question. I think it might have something to do with the color of our skin. Ungrateful. But it was the GOP House member who flushed the GOP tiolet when he told reporters, The only reason she still has a job is because she’s white. And I believe him since it took seven GOP votes to save her job.

Stupid, thy name is GOP. Gloria Johnson risked sacrificing herself in order to provide close air support for her two wingmen. But if the TN GOP hadn’t been busy using their heads as proctoscopes, they would have realized that Johnson was actually providing close air support for them!

Look, you already have a super majority, and two troublemakers who just offered themselves to you on a silver platter. If Johnson wants to help you skirt accusations of overt racism, Freakin’ Let Her! After all, how can you be racist if you treat everybody equally? A world class out if ever one existed.

Familiarity breeds contempt. And so does arrogance. And the arrogance of the Tennessee House led them to make public martyrs of two black House members, when they could just as easily have cleaned house of all three, and been done with it. And made themselves national embarrassments as well. And now, with the two returning heroes, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Imbeciles.

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  1. Tennessee is part of a large group of “national embarrassments”. Loser red states that should be territories populated by assholes that should be living in sh1t hole russia….
    Remember how Nixon changed the speed limits by extorting the states over highway funding? It’s time to make red states pay.by forcing them to meet certain metrics if they want our tax dollars. As an example, none of these political hacks in Tennessee should be paid more than their states minimum wage, including the “governor “. If they get paid more than minimum wage, NO Federal tax dollars.
    This should be forced on ALL racist “taker states” like arkansAss and iowa…



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