Donald Trump is not in the White House today. Nor has he been for quite some number of days, which is always an occasion to celebrate bigly. Alas, it was not always so.

PolitiZoom got the scoop of what happened in the White House, unbeknownst to anybody else, on Trump’s first day in office and on his last. These are presented to you in two stories, the first being Smuggled Out of Washington For Your St. Patrick’s Day Pleasure, the True Story Of Trump’s First Day In the White House. This was written January 20, 2017, a very sad day in American history.

The second post you will want to link to and read, has the same leprechaun, giving Trump what for on his last week in the White House. That is The Flip Out Scene In the Oval Office You’ll Never Read About. That was written January 15, 2021.

And many thousands of posts were written on this site before then and since then, chronicling all of the madness of the four-year roller coaster ride into Hell and beyond that that man put us all through, and the disintegration of the Republican party, which is ongoing. Thank God we have the world of imagination in which to escape and laugh, in order to keep our sanity.

I hope you will read both pieces. Kick back with a green beer or something stronger and enjoy.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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    • I may have Irish DNA but I don’t know how to read Gaelic (is that what this is?) I’m assuming it’s something nice. :))

      Read these two posts. They do hold up well over time, I must say. Trump is such a pompous ass, the perfect foil for a mischievous leprechaun.

  1. ‘Blessings of the Feast’ (and a very smug ‘happy birthday to me’) LOL
    And please, PLEASE -never ever call Irish ‘Gaelic’ – that’s a football game

    • I sincerely thought that there were two languages “Old Irish” and “Gaelic” and I thought that Gaelic was the language that Celts in general spoke, whether Irish or Scots.

      And I thought your birthday was January 17. No?

  2. Nope – Lá ‘le Pádraig (mark you, I wasn’t really paying that much attention at the time, being too busy screaming my lungs out).That could be why Belfast had a visit from the Luftwaffe a few weeks later (at Easter)

    In Irish, the language is ‘an Ghaeilge’. In English, it’s ‘Irish’. To me, calling it Gaelic is as bad as saying I speak Espanol or I can read Francais


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