Now here’s a story sure to warm the hearts of any Democratic voters (who turned out in 2020 in record numbers to ensure the Orangeutan would be denied a second term and another chance to wreck our Democracy, only to be falsely accused of stuffing ballot return boxes and other electoral malfeasance) and who want to see the record set straight and malefactors like Dinesh D’Souza and anyone else responsible for the slanders propagated against them by his BS schlockumentary 2000 Mules held to account:


“Two leaders of True the Vote, a prominent right-wing group that promotes debunked voter fraud conspiracies, were jailed this week after a federal judge in Texas found them in contempt of court.

The group’s president Catherine Engelbrecht and onetime board member Gregg Phillips were taken into custody Monday after defying a court order to reveal more details in a civil case about one of their controversial attempts to uncover supposed fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Court records indicate that Engelbrecht and Phillips are currently being held at the Joe Corley Detention Facility in Conroe, Texas. The two activists will remain in custody at the federal detention center until they abide by the court’s order, according to court filings. Attorneys for True the Vote are “expediting an appeal” for their release, their group said in a statement to CNN…

…True the Vote is one of the most prominent conservative groups that peddle baseless claims of massive voter fraud and has championed so-called “election integrity” efforts for years. Their work fueled the debunked film “2,000 Mules,” which falsely claims Biden’s victory in 2020 was illegitimately achieved through systematic voter fraud.”

It could prove difficult for the jailbirds to “reveal more details in a civil case about one of their controversial attempts to uncover supposed fraud in the 2020 presidential election” as revealing more details would probably only prove they fraudulently pulled their claims straight out of their asses in an attempt to bolster the Diaper Don’s Big Lie.

One of my Twitter favorites, Ron Filipowski, alerted me to this story and his followers provided some yucks:




Funny, ain’t it?


Good on him.

Ya think?


I’m thinking this is what will happen.

Yeah, baby!

Thanks to the no nonsense Texas Judge who refuse to have smoke blown up his ass and made this happen.

We need more like him.

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    • And isn’t it interesting they got put behind bars through the LEGAL process and the court system instead of just being tossed there without cause or due process?

  1. Why do I have the feeling that if more judges had been like this one, issuing formal “show the evidence” orders and tossing those who refused (because those asshats don’t have any) in jail that the Big Lie bullshit would have become a nothingburger long ago? If you go into court making allegations you are obligated to provide at least enough evidence to bind a case over for consideration. If you can’t produce it then it means you are LYING to the court. Judges shouldn’t have put up with this shit. Period. They should give a reasonable deadline for their “put up or shut up” order. And if the plaintiffs don’t “put up” then throw their asses in jail.

    THAT is a question/subject that journalists SHOULD have been talking about all along. Why haven’t there been more judges like this one?

    Of course, as ursula noted in a recent article the media/press has been complicit in all this. The Big Lie generates ad revenue because it’s Jerry Springer type crap. People watch that shit and that means eyeballs for advertisers. That leads to money for “news” outlets and in turn money for “journalists.” CBS honcho Les Moonves famously said of Trump coverage “it may not be good for the country but it’s good for CBS” and that same mentality has been pervasive in even the so-called “liberal” mainstream media!

    • The only problem, denis, is that judges have demanded proof or evidence before–in the 60+ cases that got tossed–and it didn’t stop Trump and his cronies from continuing to espouse the Big Lie.

      Trump’s supporters were saying they’d show the evidence after the courts agreed to hear the case. Most of the media were complicit by not explaining to the ignorati that courts need to see evidence before it’s formally introduced in order to determine the evidence’s value to the case. (And, bear in mind, these cases were presented by folks who–at least, theoretically–knew how the system works regarding evidence and yet they persisted in trying to get the courts to take the case before seeing the evidence.)



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