Sometimes when skimming the internet I see headlines that make me assume The Onion finally had a hit. Then I see who the actual source is and say ‘huh?’ Such is the case with a Business Insider story I saw this afternoon which reports there is a growing number of white supremacists forming what they call “active clubs”, fitness clubs to improve their ability to fight in the race war they insist is coming.

Now, for decades I’ve read and heard stories about this or that RWNJ group, especially the white power types and “militia” groups talking about a race war coming. So have you. What’s been of growing concern in recent times is where this used to  be “militias” that were usually known to authorities and had “compounds” and/or training areas we’ve had groups like Proud Boys and Oath Keepers become significant and their members don’t tend to isolate themselves. But with all of them it’s safe to assume for every person who’s open about their involvement in these groups there are others who aren’t so open.

Anyway I’d have skipped over this had it not been for the “fat-shaming Trump supporters” in Business Insider’s article.  That was too good to pass up! So let’s take a look at what’s going on shall we? These groups as I’ve said call themselves “active clubs,” and seek out (target) disaffected white men.  It seems they provide, or say they do a sense of community. Well, that’s one thing but the members regularly meet to practice martial arts or work out.  You know, for that race war they say is coming. Translated that means the one they WANT to happen and hope someone can ignite. Charlie Manson’s dream of Helter Skelter lives on. From the linked article:

  • White supremacist “active clubs” are spreading across the US.
  • The clubs recruit disaffected white men and promote physical fitness and masculinity.
  • The groups also sometimes mock and fat-shame Donald Trump and his supporters.

Again it’s that last one that I find… something. I still can’t put a word on it but wow. Hey, lots of folks, me included have had fun ripping on Trump’s being overweight and out of shape. (for the record so am I, but I freely admit it and don’t LIE about it. Neither do people who know and like me) Same with so many MAGAs. You know, the ‘Meal Team Six’ jokes and the like. But folks who you think would support Trump who’s a stone cold racist? And who has actively fostered racism and racial division?

You’d think they’d love Trump. And MAGA Nation and want to work within it to “improve” it from within. Nope. The linked article contains a section specifically on why these groups/people who once supported Trump no longer do, and are making their disdain clear with stuff like the fat shaming:

Although many far-right groups once aligned themselves with former President Donald Trump, most have since grown disillusioned and criticize him for not doing enough to advance their extremist agenda.

“The groups I track have long since turned on Trump,” Tischauser said, adding that some viewed Trump as a “puppet to Jewish interests who steals their nationalist rhetoric to win votes” and who “cannot be counted on to enact nationalist policies.”

In other words, Trump both let them down and isn’t extreme enough for them.  When looked at objectively one can make a credible argument Trump lost his nerve on Jan. 6. Weapons, as in guns (and I’m sure assault rifles converted to be fully automatic) were at the ready but Trump never gave that final “GO” order. Nor did he issue a rash of pardons for rioters before leaving office. He hung them out to dry, no doubt because he intended from the day he was sworn in to get a second term. A big ole stack of pardons would have, with a second impeachment looming kept his current campaign from ever happening.

But having RWNJs out there in growing numbers of “de-centralized” groups (the lesson of what happened to the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys sunk it with these goobers) mocking MAGA nation and Trump himself? Hey, if it has extremist groups and MAGA fighting with each other I figure that’s a good thing. Still, it’s cause for concern that these groups are growing.

I urge you to read the entire linked article. We HAVE to pay attention to what’s going on around the country. One thing Trump did actually do was give these people both encouragement to and then “cover” to slime their way out of their caves and from under their rocks. Just like has happened with the Klan in our history. Driving them back will take a lot of time and a lot of effort.  That means learning just how widespread the problem is, and how it’s mutating.

Thank you for your time, and if I may again I ask you indulge me with a bit more and read the Business Insider piece which has even more information you should know.


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  1. Yeah…these are real brave men…you can tell from the picture where their faces are covered. I guess we need to be on the lookout for U-Hauls pulling up. Hey guys…I’m a white man with a great BMI…better be careful I’m not going to infiltrate your club and gather evidence for your trip to an institution that has neonazi gangs. The only problem is there are black gangs, hispanic gangs, etc., and I wouldn’t suggest shooting your mouth off there. See you at the meeting.



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