Last night I wrote about how Rachel Maddow had broken a story that not just one state, but 5 states had the state GOP try to push forward a false slate of GOP electors in states that Biden won. They went so far as to forge documents, affixing their signatures to them, and pushed them out to both the US Congress as well as the National Archives. It didn’t work.

Well, tonight Rachel came out and blew the doors off of last nights show. She reported that her show had received more documents, and the results were stunning. The 5 states were Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia. And tonight Rachel was able to show that all five states had used the exact same template for the documents they filled out and submitted!

What do I always like to say in these circumstances? Once is an accident, twice is a habit, thrice is a fetish. Well, when you get to five, you’re at criminal conspiracy level. And Rachel has the documents to prove it.

The last time I checked, which was like 5 minutes ago, it was Traitor Tot and the GOP who are constantly bellowing about rampant voter fraud in the 2020 election, and yet, every damn time there’s empirical evidence and prosecutions, it’s always Republicans who are getting hauled into court. All of the dead relatives who voted in 2016, 2018, and 2020 always seemed to vote GOP. And in 2018, there was truly massive voter fraud in North Carolina, when a GOP candidate had volunteers going from door to door to collect unfilled out ballots, and then filled them in for GOP candidates. We’re literally talking about thousands of votes in that one incident alone. The state ended up decertifying the election, and holding a new one.

But what Rachel is talking about here is nothing short of fucking ridiculous. All of the previous examples were single-o’s, lone wolfs acting, except for North Carolina. But this isn’t just 5 separate bunches of disgruntled Trombie state election officials trying to lick their nuts over an electoral defeat. But if Rachel has the goods, and I can’t believe she’d report it if she didn’t have it, then we’re talking about massive voter fraud on a national level!

The Democrats need to grab this football like fucking Forrest Gump and run with it! There has to be a Senate or House committee that has some time on its hands to set up hearings on electoral integrity, and hold televised hearings as they dig out the facts. There aren’t all that many sources out there that could provide 5 different GOP state parties with identical templates to fill out and submit to congress and the National Archives. And if they find anything, then the DOJ should immediately announce the opening of a criminal investigation.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be crude, but this is just fucking ridiculous! It’s one thing for a both of sorehead GOP losers to claim massive Democratic voter fraud without a shred of proof, in fact with multiple state audits and recounts disproving it. But it’s another thing entirely when potentially, the only two cases of massive voter fraud, including criminal charges in North Carolina, are both Republican! And while FUX News may gloss the whole thing over, the exercise should be quite an eye opener to everybody else.


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  1. This has to rise to the level of DOJ not looking the other way. They MUST do something about this, in way of prosecution.

  2. U know they’d scream like their collective nuts were on fire, including linebacker Greene, if the situation was reversed.

  3. “There aren’t all that many sources out there that could provide 5 different GOP state parties with identical templates to fill out and submit to congress and the National Archives.”

    Um, actually, there are. They’re all right-wing “think tanks” that specialize in creating templates for “conservative” politicians to use. One of the major players is the “American Legislative Exchange Council” (ALEC) and, for several decades, they’ve LITERALLY written legislation FOR Republican legislators in numerous states to introduce; they provide both actual complete legislation with blank spaces for the particular state’s name to be entered as well as general templates which allow the legislation to be “reworded” so the resulting legislation appears to be unique (sort of like a student who’s writing a term paper and simply copies an encyclopedia passage–or Wiki article, by today’s standards–but changes a word like “dog” with “hound” or “territory” with “region”).
    It used to be that a legislator would write the basics of his or her own bill and then turn it over to staff or assistants to legalese it and then present it to the chamber for consideration. It might take days or weeks just to write the bill but the legislator actually did the work himself (or herself). Now though? A conservative legislator just goes to the ALEC website and can pretty much download a piece of legislation, make any necessary changes to apply it to their own state and present it within hours of hitting the “print” button.
    I have exactly zero doubts that ALEC or the Heritage Foundation or the CATO Institute or any of those dozens (hundreds maybe) of right-wing organizations would have templates dealing with electoral information. Given the fact that most states now provide almost every single piece of legislation to the web (generally available to the public at large but there are probably some for-pay sites that provide more exacting details or allow you to download the form as a PDF and then you can simply alter stuff that doesn’t apply to your state), it’s pretty easy to believe it can be done.

  4. How typically brain-dead Repugnican to forge documents, sign actual names to them and then submit them into the public record. It’s as if they’re daring the govt to do anything about it.
    Well, Mr Garland?

  5. Seems they could use the meta-data from the documents to see where they originally came from and whose hands they have been through. They got it from somewhere.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. For one thing, do they know who submitted the false forms and are they going to arrest them. And swear to god the republicans are constantly getting caught at voting illegally. Is anyone under arrest on any of this. And this is one for Forrest. I see that boy a coming, coming around the bend. So on and so forth.

  7. Yes – even the lone Democrat who voted on behalf of a dead husband voted his ballot Republican. It has been a standing joke between them that she cancelled his vote out. Apparently she truly loved him … and lost her grip when she lost him.

  8. GOP voters are dying disproportionately from Covid. Election officials in red districts can easily check voter registration lists to learn a dead person’s party affiliation. Don’t be surprised if lots of deceased Republicans continue to “vote” in upcoming elections.


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