Lucky me, Rachel gave me a twofer today. In her A-Block she went into a detailed recitation of the aftermath of the 2020 election. And she keyed on three specific states, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona. And it wasn’t pretty.

She went through the basic mechanics of post election certification, such as the selection and certification of electors. And that’s when the train came off of the rails for Tram Trump, and more importantly, for high ranking GOP officials in the three states.

As it turns out, while the requisite bodies in each state were meeting to certify the Biden electors to the electoral college, a group of dissatisfied GOP officials in each state were meeting separately. And they came to a consensus that laid them all open to federal criminal charges.

They decided that the hell with the election results, they were the legitimate slate of electors, and they were for Tromp. And then they embarrasly took the fatal step. They used forged documents on official state letterhead to certify that they were the legitimate electors, and then the brazen dumbasses actually signed their names to the document. And then the dipshits actually submitted those documents to the United States congress, as well as the National Archives.

And every one of those documents were nothing more or less than a poorly executed forgery. And it was electoral fraud as well. The actual state legislatures and election authorities also submitted their slate of Biden electors, which were accepted. In fact, the National Archives refused to accept the documents, and notified the individual state Secretaries of State of the fraud. Which caused the Secretaries of State to send Cease and Desist letters to the GOP morons.

Hopefully, now that Rachel has exposed the scandal, it will grow national media legs to show the lengths that the GOP went to to try to steal the 2020 election. But just keep this story on the outer edge of your radar. Because somehow or other, I don’t see the Garland Justice Department turning a blind eye to a passel of GOP yahoos trying to use cheaply forged documents to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Just a word to the wise.


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  1. I understand in Michigan they didn’t even try to fake the state seal, as was done in Arizona.
    It’s really stupid doing it after the results are public, though, which may be why the GQP is so hot to control elections in as many states as possible.

  2. I mentioned in a comment to an earlier piece that these jackholes (Wisconsin wasn’t mentioned in that story but I’m not surprised they too pulled this shit) had committed a crime by sending in those false slates of electors. I also expressed frustration that as far as we know the states themselves did nothing more than basically say “you shouldn’t have done that and don’t do it again.” Well, they also committed federal crimes as you say, and if the states won’t do it then the U.S. Attorney’s in those states should (if they haven’t already been working on it) get the ball rolling on hauling these assholes into federal court.

  3. Well, there you go. Trump was right. There WAS election fraud.

    Only it was from Republicans. Funny how the GOP doesn’t seem to talk about THAT when they go on and on about “securing elections.”

  4. You don’t see Garland turning a blind eye? What has he been doing ever since his confirmation, knowing those letters were rejected? This is a prima facie case and the idiots SIGNED THEIR NAMES. It should have been tried months ago and they should be locked up. I bet some of them still hold office.


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