This is a spin on QAnon and yet another testament to how utterly lost the Republican party is in this day and age. It still surprises me to see this kind of evidence of how shattered the GOP is, although in all truth, it was noted when Donald Trump got put on their 2016 ticket that this was no longer the party of Ronald Reagan and that in fact there was no room for Dwight Eisenhower in today’s Republican party, either.

Nevertheless, the more evidence that comes in that the GOP as we knew it is long gone and instead there’s a confluence of clowns talking conspiracy theory and QAnon sound bites in its place, is still shocking.

Here’s the latest.

As stated, pure QAnon. It hits both main bases, the global pedophile ring and the COVID “hoax” and of course it’s coming out of the mouth of somebody who’s running as a Republican and wants the base to vote for him.

And the fact that he’s got an alliance with these two will not surprise you at all.

And here’s a tidbit you might find interesting, Mike Flynn plagiarizing Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Prophet was a controversial figure who in the late 80’s told her flock that the Soviet Union was planning a nuclear strike. Many of them gathered food and weapons and began building bomb shelters. Interesting that Flynn would pick her words to pass off as his own. Maybe he intends to assemble his own group of armed followers.

Prophet was not considered a Christian. Some people characterized her as a New Age witch. Again, it would be interesting to know why Flynn made this particular choice.



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  1. I would suggest that little sh*t flynn not quote or paraphrase Liz Clear Profit in Montana-yes, that is what she is called there. She was not looked on with anything approaching respect and CUT was widely known as a cult. People in MT avoid wearing the clothes which are any shade of purple because of that silly broad (she thought the color had good vibes or was holy or some such shit). I kid you not, if you drive thru the Paradise Valley and see purple clothes hanging out to dry, those people are CUT members.

    Between CUT south of Livingston and the fundie cults in Kalispell, MT is a completely hellish place anymore.

  2. Being, “The Big Country”, portion of the United States, does not mean a swing to more or less intelligence there, but with this tie to Flynn, it shows there is hope for more rather than less intelligence emanating from all those that actually live there with views of rolling hills for miles and miles, with an occasional large mine or buffalo stomping grounds …

    I saw a LOT of land out there, the towns along the way DO offer rest stops and historical sites … It seems many people carry arms, I suppose for shooting rattle snakes …

  3. Damn, I could have done a better prayer than Flynn and not copied anyone else. Would be interesting to know if anyone in 45’s circle copies Jim Jones prayers – or speeches too.

  4. “Not a Christian!?”
    How about focusing on the fact that he’s not sane or trustworthy?

    Treat your sick for the love of your collective sanity!

  5. Starting with Reagan (maybe some who didn’t do anything inthe party but vote started with Nixon), the Republicam Party has stood for less and less every year. With Trump** they reached the point of standing for nothing. And you know what they say – if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

  6. Does Piton think that viruses have enough intelligence to “know” anything? Viruses don’t have any degree of intellect (much like most Trump supporters)–no semblance of a brain or neural network; they’re unicellular creatures that exist as their own biological kingdom (technically, a “realm”; a “kingdom” is the highest level in biological taxonomy while viruses have two levels even higher than “kingdom” with “realm” being the highest level). But viruses have no kind of sentience–basically, they reproduce and die, and that’s their whole existence.
    But what exactly any virus might “know” about Maxwell’s trial is irrelevant to the latest mutation. COVID has effectively been mutating since it was first discovered and not all variants have hit everywhere with the same degree. Even more to the point is that the latest variant developed in South Africa; Maxwell holds citizenship in the UK and France (her father was a British national and her mother was a French national) and the US as well–no South African connection. AND even more to the point, Maxwell’s been under some kind of indictment based on sex trafficking charges for well over a year and a half and the upcoming sex trafficking trial (which is the one that seems to concern Piton so much) had the date set back in MAY of 2021 and, as far as I can tell, the COVID virus didn’t seem to develop any variant back in May when the trial date was set.

    Sometimes, Mr Piton, coincidences just happen. No great scheme involved, no master plot in the making.

    • They are no different than some medieval peasant in a hovel seeing lightning in the sky and believes it was because he bemoaned his own lot in life, instead of thanking God for his bed, his food and his health.


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