The GOP convention is coming to your TV sets soon and in just over a week we’ll know who gets the dubious nod from Trump to be #2.  Come to think of it considering Trump literally was willing to hang his first VP out to “dry” #2 seems pretty apt. John Nance Gardner once described the job as a warm bucket of spit, and change the p to an h and there you have it when it comes to being Trump’s Veep. Anyway the conventional thinking is that it’s down to either Ohio Senator J.D. Vance or Florida Senator Marco Rubio. The dark horse is I guess North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgam.  I noticed yesterday that Rubio was distancing both himself and Trump from Project 2025. This I think is his big move – getting out ahead of the others.

Trump as we know has thoroughly enjoyed watching wannabes debase themselves in what will be for all but one vain attempts to be his VP. (Has anyone seen Elise Stefanik lately?  Maybe she’s locked away on suicide watch) I’m not sure how much Burgum actually wants the job. He’s rich and unlike Trump legitimately so. He can remain on Trump’s good side by simply raising money and campaigning for him.  And live a quiet life of rich guy comfort obscurity after November one way or the other. Vance and Rubio however are young guys with ambition. Both want the job and want it bad. I shudder imagining the groveling they’ve done in private given what we’ve seen publicly.

Project 2025 has been out there for a while but only lately has it been getting real scrutiny. It’s nine hundred freaking pages with actual details of how to gut our system of government and turn us in a cult/fascist country led by madman Trump. What’s scaring the crap out of Trump and his closest advisors is that they are learning only the most hard core of hard core MAGAs are down with it. Internal polling and focus groups indicate a huge chunk of regular rabid MAGAs are saying “WTF?” and wanting details because they aren’t liking what they’ve been seeing and hearing. Trump and the people, cronies of his who put the plan together confidently assumed all of MAGA would enthusiastically embrace Project 2025. They not only haven’t, but it seems enough MAGAs have strong concerns that Trump and his gang are in panic mode.

Despite Trump’s well-established connections to those who put the plan together on Friday he came out with a strong I don’t even remember these guys who I guess were coffee boys and know nothing about this Project 2025 business except it’s nothing I support. He’s ‘SHOCKED, SHOCKED I say’ or maybe he’s Sgt. Schulze doing the ‘I know NOTHING’ bit.  Whatever. We all know Trump is lying. That’s why there was seemingly little reaction from the Heritage Foundation and the main people who put together the Project 2025 blueprint. They know damn well that if he wins Trump will hand them the keys to the transition offices and it will be ready to go by the time he’s sworn in. Hell, some of it would be implemented even before that!

All that brings me back to the Veepstakes and Rubio. As Politico wrote Little Marco is distancing himself and more importantly Trump from the whole thing. Rubio brushes it off as think tank stuff that doesn’t mean anything:

“Think tanks do think tank stuff. They come up with ideas, they say things,” Rubio said in an interview with host Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “But our candidate for president is Donald Trump.”

In the interview with CNN’s Dana Bash she pressed him on comments from Heritage Foundation honcho Kevin Roberts about there being a ‘bloodless revolution’ if the left allows it to be – meaning if we weakly submit to MAGA rule THEY won’t go around mowing US down with their assault rifles. Rubio’s ridiculous response?

“Well, he’s not running for president, is he?” Rubio said when asked if he was comfortable with Roberts’ comments. “Our candidate’s Donald Trump. I didn’t see Donald Trump say that.”

Still, the reason I’m writing this is that Little Marco seemed to be first out of the gate backing up Trump’s ‘Project 2025? What’s that?’ horseshiite.  I gather Vance has also chimed in but I think Rubio beat him to the punch. (Oh, and not for nothing Stephen Miller who appears in a video as one of those who will be on the “training team” says he knows nothing about it too but he’s not a Veep candidate) Little Marco actually stuck his neck out and that’s the kind of thing, subservience to the boss that will carry a lot of weight with Trump. The logistics/constitutional problems with Rubio and Trump being from the same state are mere details to Trump. Hell, he’s got a SCOTUS quite willing to re-invent/make-up the Constitution for him!

We’ll know soon enough.

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  1. rubio gave up all his credibility during the 2016 election season and by supporting someone so unfit for the office of the Presidency he eliminated any chance he might have of regaining it.


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