The opposite sides are being pulled, and the middle can’t hold. Special Counsel recently filed a sealed motion with DC federal District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan to finally put a muzzle on the rabid dog known as Donald John Trump. And it’s not like he’s asking the judge to pour cement in his mouth, just to cut out his hyperbolic bullsh*t.

Trump was warned. He appeared at his arraignment, and the presiding magistrate explicitly warned him of the restrictions on his First Amendment free speech rights that came with a provisional release pending trial., and went over them one by one. When he appeared before Judge Chutkan, she roasted his chestnuts by reminding him that there was no President Trump in her courtroom, only defendant Trump. And reiterated the restrictions to his free speech rights if he was going to remain free on bond pending trial.

These conditions include refraining from making remarks in public that could be considered threatening to prosecutors, the judge, other federal officers, potential witnesses and potential jurors. It also prohibits Trump from making comments that could be seen as disparaging the criminal judicial process. Note that nobody has ever told him he can’t discuss his case in public, only that he can’t piss in the punchbowl.

And from day one Trump didn’t so much dip his toes over the line as he dove in off a 10 meter board. Repeatedly, especially on his loser social platform, Bullsh*t Social Trump has warned, If you come after me, I’m coming after you. He has referred to Special Counsel Jack Smith as a deranged hack prosecutor on a mission to stop Trump, that the entire process was a Biden inspired hit job to take down Trump, that the judge is a lowlife Obama appointee who slept with a gangbanger that she once defended, and that DC was a crime ridden hell hole of a district, that is 95% anti Trump. I think he just about covered everything he was forbidden to say.

I have no doubt that Judge Chutkan is going to craft a very narrowly tailored gag order along the lines of what Smith asked for in his filing. Which will have one immediate benefit. They’ll stop his ethically challenged lead counsel, John Lauro from going on the networks and spouting the same, clearly out of bounds sh*t that his client is spouting.

But Trump will climb right back up that 10 meter board again. For two reasons. First, because he’s Trump goddammit!, he’s the biggest winner in the history of civilization! And no 3rd rate, black pipsqueak judge is going to tell him what to do! Above all else, he must show power, strength, and resolve in front of his base.

Chutkan will haul his sorry ass back into court and rake him over the coals, with the media in full presence. She will remind him that if a Wall Street CEO violates his pre trial release conditions, he goes into lockdown. A political candidate is no different. And then she’ll find him in direct contempt of court, and fine him. And it won’t be any measly $1000 either. It’ll be something like $50,000 extendable to each new offense. And she’ll warn him it’s his last chance.

And Trump will dive off of the 10 meter board again. For the 2nd reason. Trump needs to be a martyr. For Trump the Golden Ticket is to get back into the White House again, so he can make all these legal problems go away. But he has a problem. A cash problem. Right now, $0.40 of every $1 donated to Trump’s reelection fund is going to his criminal defenses. But he can’t run a successful reelection campaign on $0.60 on the dollar, and he can’t hit up the RNC either, since nobody is contributing to them while he’s an albatross around their necks. He. Needs. Money.

And what better way to raise it than to become a martyr. Better yet, a martyr who doesn’t have to die to become one! A Trump muzzled is a national insult, a Trump detained is an outrage! The money will flood in to Free Trump!, and what’s left of the Loud Toys and the Oath Creepers will be begging for marching orders to liberate the Cheeto Jesus. A Trump restrained has universal access to his base. Hell, he could smuggle out faux bloody sheets, like The Marquis de Sade did when he was imprisoned. The money almost prints itself.

And don’t give me any sh*t. There are all kinds of ways to incarcerate Traitor Tot. The wimpiest way is to lock him in Mar-A-Lago with an ankle bracelet, and no access to his electronic media. On a more personally satisfying level, El Pendejo Presidente could be locked up in the brig at Camp Pendleton, or even better yet for his court appearances, at Joint Base Andrews, and the United States military could take over his care and safety. This whole Presidents can’t serve hard time bullsh*t is vastly overrated. If he’s convicted, we can always send him to Fort Leavenworth, with all the other traitors. The military knows how to take care of its own.

Trump is not going to stop. And Judge Chutkan can’t afford to let him keep flaunting the law. Right now we’re about six months before jury selection starts. and every minute is money for Trump. At some point Judge Chutkan is going to have no choice but to drop the hammer, and then, let the games begin.

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  1. I agree, look it’s three card Monty writ large
    Trump was a big deal in incredibly corrupt
    New York. you pay the right person, your good
    in all things, life is
    a passion play
    we’re just watching
    in real time,
    an aside
    the FBI raided Epstiens house and Island
    I wonder.
    as people need to know, the federal government
    never comes for you unless,
    serious evidence.
    because the full weight of the federal government is devastating to a private citizen.
    it will bankrupt you,
    I’ve never seen This on Hunter Biden
    it’s opening congressional trials
    on private citizens.

  2. It’s his last chance. Sure. Ok. Just how many last chances does the idiot get f.f.s.? He violated her dictates already by opening that sewer hole of his. If he were going to be punished for violating a gag order he ought to be at least under house arrest and THAT is giving him special treatment. If we wish to be a society of law-abiding citizens the richest, most famous, best-connected people OUGHT to get the harshest punishments, not the slaps on the wrist we give them. Until this happens, we are going to remain a crime-ridden country.

  3. You forgot the big one on that judge list. Female. And Trump ain’t going to shut up. He can’t. He has his public and he has his ego. Hard to tell which is bigger. Yeah I’m thinking they might go to ground at one of his properties for now. But eventually I’m thinking he’ll go to a military prison. I’m thinking even if he gets state time which I’m betting he will. He will serve it at a federal military prison. That gets you around the secret service detail. If they don’t cancel it, they will just have them as guards. And it would be easy for them to set up a section just for him.

  4. There seem to be several ploys at play here. Yes, I think that before trial, Trump will do all he can to burn down the country in whatever way he can, including being a jailed martyr. But on the other hand, I m beginning to suspect his slips of the tongue, as in leading Obama in 2016 and the World War II thing are deliberately designed to prepare a defense, if all else fails, that ill declare him incompetent to stand trial, i.e. dementia onset. He stays so on message in numerous ways that make these other “slips” appear incongruous. Let’s see how things proceed. He is realistic enough to understand that if he does go to trial, he will become a convicted felon, but if he evades trial in criminal court, he can declare himself in his own sick mind as having won against the system.


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