It’s conventional wisdom that extraordinary claims call for extraordinary evidence — but in Mike Lindell’s fevered brain, extraordinary claims ARE extraordinary evidence, requiring only that You Believe. In any event, extraordinary evidence is just exactly what Lindell is promising he’s going to give us all. He has a surfeit of evidence, so much so that he’s going to broadcast one hour of it a day, for five weeks, at the end of which time he assures us that the Supreme Court will be so blown away that they will “pull down” the 2020 Election with a 9-0 vote and Donald Trump will be restored to the presidency.

What’s that you say? Don’t you have to have a meritorious case to present to the Supreme Court to get them to consider anything? And if Lindell had such evidence, wouldn’t he have presented it in one of those 61 lawsuits? Pshaw. That’s killjoy thinking. What’s wrong with you? Lindell’s brand of thinking is magical.

Mike Lindell really believes that he’s saving America. That is the tragedy of this. He’s not just trying to baffle the rest of us with his bullshit, he believes his own bullshit. That fact begs a moral consideration, here, does that mean he’s not guilty of undermining democracy by proselytizing the Big Lie non stop? Is he exculpated from that dreadful responsibility — by reason of insanity, basically?

Because if Lindell is consciously trying to undermine faith in a free and fair election, the cornerstone, yea the very bedrock of democracy, then he is nothing short of a traitor. But if he’s unconsciously wreaking havoc with our norms, due to the waking dream that he functions in — and which is a nightmare for the rest of us — then does that render his actions innocent?

These are weighty philosophical and psychological questions to deal with. Certainly we have no answers here. But it is safe to say that he’s going to ride this train all the way to the end of the line. As a former crack addict, Lindell knows that untreated addictions will take you all the way to the gates of insanity or death and it looks like he’s already passed insanity, and now financial death is a virtual certainty.

I sure hope he tucked a little cash away in one of those pillows for a rainy day. Here’s the latest.

Well, gotta go check my hate mail.

Be sure to mark it on your calendars, friends, one hour per day must be devoted to hearing Lindell’s evidence. The Kraken is crackling, snapping and popping, something like that. But Lindell’s on it, not to worry.

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  1. Not really sure what that “RSBN network” is that’s featured in Zachary Petrizzo’s tweet. But I *DO* love the scroll at the bottom where it reads “Use code ‘RSBN’ for up to 66% off at [Lindell’s con job business website].” How many of the rubes do you imagine are going to go there and find out that offer comes with a lot of strings? I’m thinking something along the lines of “Apply ‘RSBN’ to a purchase of up to $100 and you can take off 15%; a purchase between $101 and $200 gets a 25% discount; etc” so that the 66% figure will only apply to folks spending $500 or $1000.

  2. Ok folks here is my view on insanity defenses. If you can pull one off, you are confined to a mental institution until you are considered cured. Then you go to jail for the crimes you committed while you were insane. Its called taking responsibilities for your actions.
    If Lindell is found to be insane, he needs to be locked in a padded cell for life. If not, a solitary cell in a super-max prison for life will do…

  3. Everyone knows it’s not real unless it’s on TV. He’s just logically extended that to mean it’s more real than reality when it’s on TV.
    I’m sure it will rate reeeeeeally well, such is the intense interest in his completely sensible, logical, and well presented proposal.

  4. I was a devout democrat. I pulled a straight democrat ticket for every election. It didnt matter who was running. I have no agenda. I have honor, integrity and i love my country!!!! I was confident there was no fraud and happy with the results. I thought the republicans were being soar loosers. But then i was thinking why are the democrats so scared to prove the republicans wrong. Thats what i wanted. Shut them up. Once and for all!!!!!!! Instead they just run their mouths. I thought this cant be. My party would never cheat its the repulicans. I start doing a little of my own homework and. Nothings adding up. Its like im not stupid. I was a nuclear physics major and carried a 4.0 average. The more i dug the worse my party looked. I was devestated. I cant say they cheated. But theres enough evidence there that i want to know the truth. The more they try to hinder the audits. The worse my beloved party looks and the more i want to them to quit hinding the audits and to find the truth. If they did cheat as much as it will hurt. I will walk away for good. Even though i voted democrat in evey election from the time i was 18 till now at 58. I will feel betrayed the worst ever. As much as i love the party. I have too much integrity to condone or support cheating!!! I just realized i do love my country more then i do my party!!!

    • I grew up with and have since known some people who were in physics, computer science, mathematics and engineering who were smart as hell in their area but couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag so the various spelling and grammatical errors in your comment don’t matter that much. Other things you said are a different matter. Asking for actual evidence of fraud that meets the standard of admissibility in court (and at the initial hearing stage it’s a low bar & even then it couldn’t be cleared) when vote counting was done in accordance with laws and objective observers. In some states, most notably GA and AZ lots of us expressed feelings about the wasted time and money and criticized Trump for being a big fucking baby who couldn’t admit he’d been beaten. Oh, and HIS OWN FUCKING APPOINTEES noted the election had been free and fair so there’s that. So, it’s a little difficult to accept your calling yourself a lifelong Democrat and strong supporter of the Party when you allege having found “concerns” yet don’t cite any of it specifically. What evidence presented and accepted in court or published/broadcast by who and were/when? I’m a little older than you and have seen a bit more although not much. I’ve see hotly disputed elections, even Presidential ones. But for the first time in our history we have a major Party candidate who spent months saying if he didn’t win it wouldn’t have been fair. Because he was running against the one candidate he truly feared could and would soundly beat HIM know matter what else happened. Then, for the first time in our history this same major Party candidate refused to accept the results. There was no widespread fraud. There wasn’t even any significant fraud and again I note that top/key people in his own administration said so then, and haven’t come out since and said otherwise. Argue your case if you want but don’t go trying to piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining with your talk of being a “lifelong member of the ‘Democrat’ Party and now distressed.”


      • You’re entitled to your opinion and certainly can share it even on a site full of people with whom you disagree. However, if you insist on SHOUTING AT EVERYONE which is what an entire comment in full caps is doing then you’re likely to find yourself banned. Insults, even intense and sometimes vulgar ones are traded here and in lots of places but on most websites there’s not a lot of love felt towards those who think putting everything in all caps makes them stand out. At least in a good way.

  5. I can’t help to think how many pillows he could have sold if he didn’t insist upon spewing his nonsense, after all there’s at least 81 million people who are sleeping much better these days that might need a new pillow.

    • Are you all so blind? You really don’t realize he is telling the TRUTH! If that’s true, then I feel sorry for all of you. Bet you believe the pandemic too. Ahh, poor things. You are truly in for a really rough time. This is God’s time and trust me, he’s got this. You really don’t realize how bad this is and for that I am truly sorry because you are in for the rudest awaking! All I can do is to turn of mainstream media they are liars and look into all of this yourself. You will see. May God bless and keep you all safe. You will all be in my prayers.

      • Since you keep invoking God, perhaps you should reflect on the likes of say Copeland and other modern “prophets” and the way you and so many others feel and think about Trump. And the very first of those Ten Commandments.

      • Oh look! One of their cute little nut-jobs got lost and wandered in here. I think she’s trying to tell us something. Can anyone of you translate? I don’t speak crazy.

  6. Delusions r dangerous. Having a fixed delusion would land you in a psychiatric bed. I know. I ran psychiatric admissions 15 years. After all, would u want to be sleeping upstairs while grandpa was busy pouring gas in the basement, in order to destroy the C.I.A.’s spy equipment by a bonfire. Yep. They can be lethal.

  7. This pillow guy has no excuse for his treason. Not a single Republican has an excuse, regardless of their mental health. I have had to deal with my dad who had dementia and none of these monsters have dementia. They and their voters have greed, childish spite and bigotry. Oh, and they hate the Constitution and the real United States.

  8. It would be great if Mike Lindell can prove what he says. Even if he can, I wonder if the Stuprim Court would do anything?


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