It used to be that palace intrigue was about not saying the quiet part out loud. Let alone with a bullhorn. That may have been then but this is now, and Matt Gaetz has never been known for finesse or subtlety. The days drag on towards June 1 and the debt ceiling negotiations are still going on. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but it is the first time that a House GOPer has come right out and stated that the Democrats — and the economy, make no mistake — are the “hostage” in this situation and the Republicans, by definition, are the hostage takers, or terrorists.


House Republicans, like Gaetz, are oblivious to how quickly this manufactured crisis is about to turn on them. Do Republicans think that President Biden is holding negotiations to hear himself talk? Biden is proposing various ways to cut spending, including a hiring freeze and making it cheaper for the government to buy Medicare prescription drugs.

President Biden is making a sincere effort to reach a deal because he wants to avoid a default, but also because if the nation does default, the blame will come down on House Republicans like a ton of bricks.

The inexperienced Republican House caucus has no experience with what happened to Republicans when they tried to play debt limit games with Obama. The public backlash to Republican game-playing was strong, swift, and severe.

2011 was a while back. The Tea Party was nuts, no question, but MAGA is nuttier.

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  1. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    (Original: “Quand l’ennemi fait un faux mouvement , il faut se garder de l’interrompre”, “When the enemy makes a false move, take care not to interrupt him.”) as written by Jomini (1827).

  2. Words cannot express how I feel about this f-wad or what might transpire if I were ever in his presence. Which in a way is good because I know none of it could be posted.

    • Your comment made me think of a weird scene in the movie Dodgeball where Ben Stiller’s character was in his bizarre office talking dirty to a pizza. He wanted to eat it but as a “fitness guru” was resisting. It proceeds to him deciding to “satisfy” himself not be eating pizza but using it another way, taking a slice and starting to shove it down the front of his shorts (again – he’s at his office at his fancy gym) but at that moment his assistant bursts in. So “Pixxa-Gaetz” is a duo of words that will now remind me of some weird dude that would jack-off by wrapping a slice of pizza around his crank.

      • This rusty gates A** Hole, is so slimy, he would be a tough nut to crack, unless, of course, you used over size blacksmith’s TONGS …

        He’s so stupid, I could see him walking around a temporary barrier of closed sidewalk signs and caution yellow tapes with blinking amber warning lamps on a dark night, just because he could not see the 10 foot deep 4 foot wide excavation, left open for the early morning sewer crew …

        He would probably squeal like the pig he is until his voice gave out, jumping awake when the big machines started up in the morning, unfortunately for him, he would be speechless … 🙂 🙂

        • My observation tells me that Mr Gaetz may be suffering from Sabrismus, or hypertrori when angrily accusing someone or may suffer from a large infusion of stimulant drugs?


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