Thank God for Rachel Maddow. I’ve had the TV on all day for the last two days, but in her A-Block tonight, Rachel provided graphic evidence that it’s far past time for the FCC to start seriously looking at revoking FUX News license as a legitimate news channel.

Rachel reported tonight that in addition to having to deal with a collapsing healthcare system, Mississippi suddenly found today that an incredible 70% of the calls coming into their poison control center were from people who had ingested a drug called Ivermectin. What the hell is Ivermectin? It’s a livestock drug used to deworm horses! And why would a shitload of Mississippi residents suddenly start ingesting a livestock deworming drug?

Because fucking FUX News told them to! Rachel showed recent segments from Fucker Carlson, Flat Top Hannity, and Cruella de Ingraham that touted the wonder cure qualities of not only Is IL Douche’s old favorite, hydroxychloroquine, but also touting the miracle results of Ivermectin.

And it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth. Not only did the CDC come out and strongly tell people not to ingest that shit, and not only did the NIH some out and strongly tell people not to ingest that shit, and not only did the FDA come out strongly to tell people not to take that shit, even the fucking manufacturer came out and strongly told people not to take that shit! Especially if they’re getting it from livestock feed stores!

Look, it’s one thing for a media network to have either a liberal or conservative bias. That’s fine and understood by the people who watch. But it’s another thing for a network to cross the line into outright partisan propaganda, which FUX News did 5 years or more ago. But it totally crosses a red line when a network stops being a partisan propaganda machine, and becomes a literal national health threat! And if Rasputin Rupert can’t control his howler monkeys, then the FCC is going to have to step in and do it for him.

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    • Not to mention Fox “News” went to court decades ago defending themselves as being specifically ENTERTAINMENT AND NOT NEWS. And the court bought the argument.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox “News” suddenly rebrands itself as “FNC” or “FNN” so that, while the initials originally stood for something (Fox News Channel or Fox News Network), they no longer have a literal meaning–much like the music-video-less MTV and the major networks like CBS and NBC and ABC (all of which have long passed the days of the meanings of their initials–no one thinks about “Columbia Broadcasting System” or “National Broadcasting Company” or “American Broadcast Company”).

  1. They all need to be indicted for mass murder since the beginning of COVID-19. There have been several civil suits. Now time for criminal indictments from Murdoch’s on down. Then add DeSantis, Abbott, Patrick, Ivey, Azar, Pence, Trump, Jared; every last one of them. 630,000 deaths and counting

  2. Okay, so Fox News is pure bullshit, 24/7: we all know it, so we don’t watch it. But in places like Mississippi, well I guess they’re just plain gullible enough to swallow horse de-wormer just because Fox tells them to. Hard to not hold those stupid people responsible for their own idiocy.

  3. Incredible isn’t it? People refusing to use a drug that is specifically created FOR HUMANS to protect them from THIS virus, but they’ll line up at the feed store to get a drug that is created for cows and horses to kill parasites (and possibly themselves). Viruses, bacteria and parasites are not interchangeable. Each requires a specific drug. The FDA had to post a tweet telling people to knock it off, that they aren’t cows or horses. I suppose with some folks, you have to spell it out. 🙂

  4. Moderator’s Note: This user’s comment was deleted, not because of abusive or insulting language (on the contrary it was polite) but due to disinformation that offered no actual sourcing as claims of Invermectin being an effective treatment for SARS Covid-19. Such advocacy goes beyond misinformation because it is dangerous. In low doses Invermectin has proven effective in certain parasitic infections in humans but it has not been shown to be safe or effective for use in treating viral infections. In fact, if you look closely at the NIH link they note that while theoretically Invermectin might impede a Covid infection it would likely take a dose a hundred times what has been approved for human use.

    The NIH and FDA also note that what peer reviewed studies do exist have issues such as small sample size (under a hundred patients), lack of controls (other drugs being used at the same time) and when taken as a whole show mixed results.

    Even the manufacturer (Merck) says not to use the product for Covid! There is also a specific concern raised by the manufacturer and other authorities regarding Invermectin manufactured for human use vs. that made for animal use and products made for the latter are specifically noted to be dangerous to human beings because the dosage is meant for large animals like horses and cows and is toxic at that level to humans. There is also a separate issue that manufacturing processes for medications for use in animals vs. that for humans is different and stricter guidelines for purity of ingredients and quality of the cleanliness of equipment is significantly higher for medication intended for use in humans. Someone taking ANY medication manufactured for use in animals takes a chance. It might be ok but it also might not be safe.

    The bottom line is that whether it’s the manufacturer Merck, the NIH, the FDA or the WHO the message is that there is no evidence that Invermectin is an effective (or safe) treatment for SARS Covid-19 at this time, nor are there any studies by credible researchers in the works that might lead to consideration for approval. There is also ACROSS THE BOARD agreement that people should NOT be taking Invermectin by using products they buy that were made for use in animals! They specifically warn against it!

    If the commenter believes that the various agencies here and abroad that approve medications for treatments of Covid or any disease should engage in a major process of independent study and review for possible approval for use he is free to say so here.

    However, as it stands from actually looking at the agencies that review and approve medications for treatment of diseases Ms. Maddow was accurate in her report. And there is far more credibility to Murster’s take on this than that of the author of the deleted comment.

    Statement on the Use of Ivermectin for COVID-19


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