*Sigh* Just when you thought that we had solved the problem. In November of 2020, we thought that we had finally shitcanned Putin’s Useful Idiot once and for all. But it turns out that Putin has another, even more dangerous Useful Idiot still in place. Because while the entire civilized world is busy throwing rocks at Putin’s head, FUX News traitor Fucker Carlson has his nightly monologues running pretty much unchanged on R/T.

But there’s a problem here, and a big one for both FUX News as well as the GOP. More than a week ago when both FUX News as well as the GOP were screaming like babies for Biden to cut off Russian oil and natural gas exports to the United States. And then Biden did just that, and even GOP members were moved to compliment him on his leadership. But now, both the GOP as well as FUX News are blaming Biden for the skyrocketing cost at the gas pumps. What a bunch of dicks.

But there’s just one problem. Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I wrote that Biden was making Putin look like a total moron by declassifying and announcing projected Russian false flag operations to give them an excuse to go into Ukraine, basically making them moot? Well, he’s doing the same thing again with FUX News and the GOP!

When Biden made the announcement that he was cutting off Russian oil and natural gas exports to the US, he made sure to specifically mention that this would drive up the price of gas at the pumps. And he has taken great care at every press gaggle to make sure that he ties higher gas prices to Putin’s war.

As I have previously written, Biden has taken great pains to be as totally transparent as any administration can be. And now he is reaping the benefits of that honesty with the American people. Because a recent poll showed that 71% of Americans are prepared to pay higher prices at the pump if it benefits Ukraine, and sticks Putin in the ass.

There’s the problem for Fucker Carlson, FUX News, and the GOP. After screaming for Biden to shut off Russian imports of oil and natural gas, and then lauding him for doing it, they’re now screaming at him for higher prices at the gas pumps. But Biden has already laid the predicate for that, spending two weeks blaming Russia for the rising gas prices.

And 71% of the American people have already bought into that explanation! They are willing to pay more at the pumps to support Ukraine. This is a losing battle for FUX and the GOP to fight.

Because the entire civilized world, along with 71% of Americans have lined up against Putin. And since the Trump wing of the party and FUX News have made themselves Putin shills, they are on the outside. I just don’t see this ending well for either of them, no matter what Carlson’s ratings on R/T are.


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  1. I’m headed to the grocery store in the morning and have a specific non-food item I want to make sure to buy. A magic marker (NOT a Sharpie btw) to leave in the car for when I buy gas. I’ve yet to see one but I’ve read that MAGAts are slapping “Biden did this” stickers on gas pumps – conservatives way to trying to blame the administration for rising gas prices. The marker is to color over the Biden part, and replace it with PUTIN! Or, if there’s room Putin – with Trump helping! I suggest everyone else do the same because you’re exactly right. The GOP agitated for banning Russian oil precisely so they could turn right around and slam President Biden for increased gas/energy prices. Fuck em. Be prepared so that you can stop this shit whenever you go to the gas station.

    • For what it is worth, from what I understand Sharpie pen manufacturer never asked for trumps endorsement.
      Have not seen any of those stickers in my area, I live in the city, I am sure they are out in the nearby Texas hill country home of the trump train terrorists. I have seen some of the lets go brandan crap a couple of times. I have not broken a windshield yet. just so you know.

  2. From what I’ve been reading the rise in fuel prices isn’t all down to Vlad the Putain – the big oil companies are indulging in a spot of price gouging – increasing the price at the pumps and handing out hefty backhanders to their shareholders.

    Don’t forget the GQP gets a lot of funding from Big Oil so it suits them to blame Biden instead of where the fault really lies



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