Henrietta McAlister, a dear Twitter friend of the Furkids team, once remarked that “more love, less hate is what the world needs now.” The team wholeheartedly agrees with Henri and it reminded those with long memories of a song that expressed the very same sentiment.

A lovely lady called Jackie gave them the coins for the jukebox this week so it’s all ready to go. Just press PLAY, scroll away and sing along!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I heard that song when it first came out. It’s true. (I just wish we didn’t, as a society, keep proving just how true it is.) Healing Energy and moar {{{HUGS}}} & skritches to Ms. Loula and all the Furkids.

    • It’s a beautiful song and I noted that April 15, 2025, will be the 60th anniversary of its release so I’ve re-scheduled it for Sunday, April 13, 2025. 😊

      🤗🎵 🎶💜🎶🎵 🤗Barbara🤗🎵 🎶💜🎶🎵🤗

      scritches for 💜Charlie🎶Cloud🎵Freddie🎶Bobbie🎵Rennie💜

  2. Love, love, love this, Michelle – thank you. I swear it’s therapeutic; I could feel
    My blood pressure drop. Have a good week.


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