Furkids explained to me that they chose this week’s song for two reasons. First, it embodies a lot of what they believe. While they favour education like puppy school and certain training classes that improve the lives of furkids and hoomins, they can’t get their collective heads around hoomin schools, mainly because it means young hoomins are absent from home for long periods of time. This means a whole lot less of the really ‘portant stuff like petting and playtime. They instinctively know that, above all, love is the most ‘portant thing of all and that’s the theme of this song.

Secondly, they know the world itself is in dire need of TLC. It would be a more wonderful world if love and compassion were greater driving forces than greed and selfishness. They are fully in favour of hoomins who are working together to make this happen.

The jukebox is primed and ready! Just press play, scroll down through the lyrics and sing along!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} A fun song and even funner illustrations. As always. I do remember song – but never by the title. LOL. Healing Energy & {{{HUGS}}} & skritches all around, as appropriate.


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