The furkids had planned a beach-themed piece for this week but global warming means that in many places, it’s just too dang hot to hang out at the seashore. So they thought some cool water scenes would be better. So here they are, awash in water!

You can follow the Furkids at (and buy them a frothy milk if you’d like to). Michelle is on Twitter as @Mopshell, on Post as @michelle_elle and Spoutible as @MichelleElle with BlueSky and Threads to come.


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  1. {{{Michelle}}} Bless you and the Furkids for bringing us this lovely cooling water in these very warm/hot days. Healing Energy & {{{HUGS}}} & skritches all around, as needed & appropriate.

  2. A big thank-you to Michelle and the Furkids for providing some vicarious relief on yet another heat-warning day in Austin TX! It’s currently 101 and feels like 106. Soon to be actually 106, no doubt with some gawd-awful heat index. It was lovely, though, to enjoy the cool scenes and critters from afar.
    xoxo from Rosemary and Dixie 😍😻

  3. Thank you Michelle!

    Took my dog to the Stillwater river today. He got his toes wet and called it a day. lol. I’ve had pitty/pitty mixes that enjoyed water, Rocky isn’t one of them.


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