Furkids are forever creatures so if going to the end of the line means being with you and loving you forever, it’s their song too.

It’s also about not caring what others think because your happiness and your personal style are special and yours alone — furkids know this instinctively.

There’s one more reason they chose this song — they really like the music.

The Furkids tell me a very nice man called Roy gave them the coins for the jukebox this week. They said he looked rather pale and kinda transparenty, but he was a very nice man. So get comfy and when you’re ready, press play then scroll down to the illustrated lyrics and sing it out!

You can find Michelle on Twitter @Mopshell and the Furkids at ko-fi.com/furkids

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  1. What a lovely song and a perfect photo layout for the song. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It is starting my day with a smile.

    • Writing for the Furkids is the best job I’ve ever had and there’s nothing the Furkids love better than spreading infectious smiles!


  2. I had to play this twice. First just to listen and to watch the musicians – some of the greats of all time – and then to scroll through the critters. Thank you Michelle. This is one of my favorites!

    • It’s one of my all-time favourites too and it’s definitely on the to-be-reprised-in-the-future list!


  3. {{{Michelle}}} You and the Furkids gave us another winner. Both the Main & the Coda. {{{HUGS}}} Healing Energy & skritches all around, as appropriate. 😁

    • The Furkids are delighted their Aunty Barb enjoyed it!

      With loving hugs 🤗🚂❤️🚂🤗Barbara🤗🚂❤️🚂🤗

      and scritches for ❤️Charlie🚂Cloud❤️Freddie🚂Bobbie❤️Rennie🚂


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