Like their hoomins, furkids aren’t at all fond of injections but their hoomins know that it keeps them healthy so 2-3 seconds of hurt-iness is worth it. Also, their hoomins know they’re not the ones giving the injections which does colour their outlook just a bit.

However, when it comes to pilling, they generally are the ones administering the dosage on a regular basis. Dogs, as a rule, are easy to pill. Hide the tablet in some meat and they woof it down without ever knowing something extra was there. Cats, on the other hand… they can detect an attempt to hide a pill in food 500 metres from their food bowl. It doesn’t stop them eating; they just spit out the pill.

To ensure their cats actually swallow the pill, their hoomins need to administer it up close and personal. Sometimes it goes well… sometimes it doesn’t.

This is the Furkids team’s TEDdy talk on how to pill a cat.

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  1. I had a cat who trusted me entirely but would NOT allow me to give him a pill. So what I did was give up and get a liquid form of the medication he needed. I managed to squirt enough in his mouth to where he swallowed some of it. I was never, ever going to be able to pill him.

    If that hadn’t worked, I was going to take him to the vet and let the vet do it. I totally was beaten.

  2. Spot on, Michelle! Kitties seem able to escape any grip and quickly draw blood whenever we try to pill them.

    Having been unsuccessful at pilling any of my kitties over the years, I start with step 36 and add step 37: Take cat to vet to be pilled there!

    • That was supposed to be part of step 36 but it disappeared under the layers above it in the panel! I’ve fixed it now.

  3. {{{Mopshell}}} I gave up trying years ago – back when I still had a roommate to help. LOL. Now if it isn’t in a form I can squirt down their throats using a syringe (or rub on their ear), either the vet does it or they don’t get it. Except Bobbie. *He* doesn’t get it at all. I can’t even hang onto him long enough to do a syringe. LOL. Skritches to the Furkids. moar {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy to you.

    • Furkids are able to commune psychically with each other – your kitties have been passing on information to the team!


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