I remember this song from my childhood. I don’t think I ever knew all the words, just enough to sing-and-hum along to the jaunty tune. It’s a purrfect song for many of the furkid fambly because it’s all about doing your own thing without ever worrying about what anyone else says or thinks. Many hoomins wish they could effect this attitude with the same carefree joie de vivre and nonchalance that their furkids so effortlessly achieve.

Loula is 100% in the zone of this song. She may not be able to snap her fingers but she has very effective verbal communication to let me know when and what she wants her devoted servant to do for her. For the present, she requires only that I quietly pass her by while she snoozes on the floor by my desk in the study.

There are other reasons why furkids may want you to pass them by. Some are in Greta Garbo mode and just want to be left alone. Others, like the coast guard cat in our feature image, are on duty. Then there are furkids who want you to pass them by because they’re hiding. You’ll see all of these examples in the illustrated lyrics.

A number of singers have recorded this song but the team’s favourite is this version by the delightful Peggy Lee. The jukebox is primed and ready to go so just press play, scroll down to the illustrated lyrics and sing along!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I too remember this from decades back. And mostly didn’t know the words except the “If you don’t happen to like it, pass me by” part. LOL. Still a good attitude to have, right? (Bless the artist who did the statue of Tombili.) Healing Energy & {{{HUGS}}} & skritches as appropriate/needed.

  2. I always think the one I’ve just sung along to is the best ever.
    This one is the best ever now!
    I remember this song. It’s gotta be WWII era, right? But I have heard it
    growing up and found I could sing along enthusiastically. I am so glad to
    have heard it again.

    And the statue of Tombili is so heart-warming!

    Thanks as always, for this bit of light-hearted uplifting fun in an increasingly darkening dangerous world!!!


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