The Furkids wanted something special for Mother’s Day and not just for mothers. They also wanted a song that would give children the best words to say to their Moms, Mummies, Mamas and Meowmys. There followed the usual cacophony of discussion until they agreed upon an old favourite – and when I say “old” I mean very old. This song is more than a century old! But I think they were right about finding the best words.

Speaking of words, the team decided to include lyrics to go with the orchestral section this week — they reckon they’ve trained you well enough for you to manage that now.

Coins were gathered by the wolf cubs this week. They found someone to write them a sign saying “Pennies for Sad Pups”, propped the sign against an upturned hat and howled piteously until people gave them money to cheer them up. They were very pleased with themselves and amassed enough coins for the rest of the month. So the jukebox is ready to go; just press play, scroll down to the illustrated lyrics and sing along!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I love the song. And yes, it’s for all those who “mother” no matter who or what. Healing Energy & skritches & {{{HUGS}}} to all the good, caring, supporting when needed and cheering us on when we can do it on our own people out there. Whatever official relationship. Or species.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to the best FurKids Mom ever!

    Not only do we appreciate you on this special day, we also appreciate you every Sunday, and the whole year long.


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