I hadn’t heard this song in years until it turned up on @LennaLeprena’s playlist. And it stuck. Just as well the Furkids like it too!

The jukebox is full of holiday money so get comfy, press play and scroll down to the illustrated lyrics so you can sing along.

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I haven’t heard this for decades! You and the Furkids certainly do find old memories to bring up. And of course we never let love get left behind. Healing Energy, Skritches, & moar {{{HUGS}}} all around, as appropriate.

    • It has such a beautiful melody and the lyrics lend themselves so readily to Furkids’ illustrations that it was a joy to put together.

      With loving hugs and a big helping of Irish luck 🤗🍀💚🍀🤗Barbara🤗🍀💚🍀🤗

      and scritches for the clowder 🍀Charlie💚Cloud🍀Freddie🍀Bobbie💚Rennie🍀

  2. Michelle, I LOVE this diary today. I have always loved that song, and your images are so well done and fit so well. Great job. (And by the way, right now we all sure need some sun to shine through the pourin’ rain!)

    • This song nearly didn’t make it. Because of the time zone difference (we’re 15 hours ahead of DC), for four days I was snatching catnaps at all hours so I could keep up with the Speaker election shambles, and I was so tired by Saturday that I was thinking I’d just recycle a song from 2021.

      But this song was in my head and I knew the Furkids wanted THIS song and only THIS song! That meant, of course, starting from scratch. It was around 5pm Sunday my time and I had 5 hours before my publication deadline but even then I ran more than an hour overtime. (I don’t think Ursula minded because Sunday isn’t a big news day). I didn’t take a break for supper either so my tum was rumbling loudly in the final hour. But I was so pleased when I got it done and I know all the Furkids, whoever and wherever they are, who communicate with me and each other telepathically (like the world’s largest zoom call happening in my head!) were very pleased too!

      There wasn’t time for detail editing but I’ll get to that when I feel more awake. I may change the feature image too. That was the last thing I did so it didn’t get the attention it should’ve had because I was in a mad rush by then! But I do love koalas so it was an easy decision to pop one in a eucalypt tree and leave it at that!

      🤗🎀💟🎀🤗Mina, Kiki and Allen🤗🎀💟🎀🤗

  3. Here is just a bit more information about the song from Wikipedia.

    “Everybody’s Talkin’ (Echoes)” is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Fred Neil in 1966 and released two years later. A version of the song performed by American singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson became a hit in 1969, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and winning a Grammy Award after it was featured in the film Midnight Cowboy. The song, which describes the singer’s desire to retreat from the harshness of the city to a more peaceful place and an easier life, is among the most famous works of both artists, and has been covered by many other notable performers.

    Nilsson led me to Neil and to many of the songs Neil had written. He captured, somehow, part of the emotional essence of the ’60’s. What a time to have lived through!

    • The ’60s was an extraordinary decade. I was a child back then and it was a fabulous time to grow up in! From rock ‘n roll to rock music and beautiful ballads, mini skirts and maxi dresses in colourful fabrics inspired by the flower power era, an explosion of information via television ownership expanding into every home, progressive education and a near-universal recognition that the basis of better living was a healthy diet, regular exercise (sports participation hugely increased in all age groups) and the benefits of love and happiness to emotional wellbeing. What a time it was for a child!

  4. I’m a boomer hit 1960 at 15! Great decade to have grown up in! Kennedy Assassination at height of JoanBaez fame then Vietnam War. Met hubby in 69 after he had returned. We watched SF ANTIWAR parade from SIL window.

    • Most of your childhood was spent in the 1950s, another great decade for music! As a young child of the ’60s, I wasn’t very aware of the war (none of my cousins was old enough to be conscripted) or politics in general so the decade was largely sanitised for me. I do remember watching the Moon landing at school.


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