Donald Trump is not a technical kind of a guy. He mastered Twitter, because that involves thumbs and autocorrect. He pronounced himself the “Ernest Hemingway” of that modest communication medium. But Trump doesn’t work with computers, doesn’t even send emails. That said, he knows awwlll about how the election was stolen by bad computers and bamboo ballots.

This was one of his strangest moments on Saturday night. He mentions the word “routers” eleven times in thirty-six seconds.

So which is it, connected or not connected? Not that it matters, in Trump world. It’s all a show for the rubes and a chance for people to be outraged. And send donations. Most of all it’s a chance for that.


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  1. A guy who can’t take even the suggestion of losing something, yet who got routed by SEVEN MILLION votes (and his ass kicked by a margin of three million before that!) should avoid words like routers that are so close to what happened to him.

    Oh well. Widdle Donnie Two Scoops has himself a new buzzword. He doesn’t know what it means, or what a router is or have the first fucking clue how they work. It just sounds cool to him.

  2. Well, he did say during the 2016 campaign that he knows more about computers than anyone. When the DNC got hacked, he said it’s probably some guy in his parent’s basement.

  3. I wonder if he meant free the “rioters” as in the 1/6 riot on the Capitol?
    We will have to determine the “oranges” of this.

  4. I’ll wait to see if he ever figured out new Mexico is our state. Remember the folks in Colorado were getting a border wall there for a minute with free bleach for everyone.


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