Shades of Mike Lindell. Both Fox News and Dominion have extensive exhibit lists, although Dominion’s is much larger. Fox’s is now known to contain four clips from The Simpsons and the documentary, “Kill Chain: The Cyber War On America’s Elections,” which is an HBO documentary which first aired in March, 2020.

NBC News is reporting that nobody knows why Kill Chain is on the exhibits list. It is known that Dominion objected to the documentary on the grounds of hearsay.

Same thing with the four Simpsons cartoons. This trial is already going into the strange zone and it’s only the first day. Take a look at the trailer for Kill Chain.

As you can see, it’s the usual “fear the system” kind of a show. How Fox News purports to tie this into their defense on defamation charges will be interesting.

And always amusing are The Simpsons. Take a stroll down memory lane with these.

One of these for each election.

Always prescient and amusing.

Frequently eerie.

These are very cute and amusing but what they have to do with a defamation suit in Delaware is escaping me right now. Your guess is as good as mine. My best idea is that Fox is going to argue that everything is entertainment and they have no duty to report actual news. And that would be fine. Then they need to delete the word “News” from the company’s name and start calling themselves Fox Opinion, Fox Commentary, something along those lines.

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  1. Unfortunately, we will never know how these clips would be used in Fox’s defense!!! I am disappointed there was no trial.


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